Tangier 2 Local Prison: Al-Hoceima Events Detainees Transferred to Other Establishments following Behaviours Contrary to Law (Prison Administration)

Rabat – Detainees in connection with the Al-Hoceima events have been transferred to other establishments due to their behaviour contrary to the law, said the General Delegation for Prison Administration and Reintegration (DGAPR).

These behaviours include “abuse of the use of the fixed telephone service to make calls for purposes not related to family or social ties”, the Delegation pointed out in a release, adding that these telephone calls have become a means of recording and dissemination of posts and exchange of coded messages with their relatives.

In addition, and at the instigation of the father of one of these prisoners, the detainees went so far as to claim rights that have no relation to the conditions of detention, thus ignoring the legal and organic regulations in force in penitentiary establishments, the source added.

The said prisoners also refused to obey the orders of the Administration, the DGAPR said, adding that these individuals ignored the repetitive warnings of the Administration, showed no respect to the institutions of the State and threatened to start a collective hunger strike.

Given its responsibility to preserve the security of penitentiary establishments and its residents, and in order to take all necessary measures to this end, the Administration has decided to transfer these prisoners to other establishments in order to put an end to these disrespectful behaviours and these dangerous offenses.

The administrations of the penitentiary establishments which received these prisoners will allow them to communicate with their relatives in order to inform them of their places of transfer, the source added.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse