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Mohammedia: Exceptional Measures to Curb Covid-19 Spread

Casablanca – The local authorities of Mohammedia have taken several exceptional measures to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).   These exceptional measures will be in effect for a renewable week as of Monday 6 pm depending on the evolution of the epidemiological situation, according to a press release. By virtue of this

Covid-19: 3,426 Recoveries in 24 Hours, A Record

Rabat – Three thousand four hundred and twenty six (3,426) recoveries and 1,376 new confirmed cases have been recorded in Morocco in the past 24 hours, the health ministry announced on Monday.   The new toll of confirmed cases brings to 103,119 the number of contaminations in the Kingdom since the first case reported on

India: Taj Mahal Reopens to Visitors After 6-Month Break Due to Covid19 Spread

New Delhi – India’s landmark mausoleum Taj Mahal reopened for public on Monday after being closed since March 17 over the spread of the coronavirus infections, media reported.   According to the same source, though the 17th-century architectural marvel is now open to visitors, tourists will be checked under a strict coronavirus-related protocol. In this

Graft Alleged as Kenya’s Fight Against COVID-19 Struggles

Organizations have contributed aid worth more than $2 billion to help Kenya’s in its fight against COVID-19.  But much of the aid has gone missing, prompting President Uhuru Kenyatta to order an investigation into who might have taken it. Money and medical supplies were donated by such groups as the World Bank, the International Monetary

Health Ministry Reassures on Availability of Covid-19 Drugs

Rabat – The Ministry of Health has reassured patients and health professionals on the availability of a stock of drugs treating Covid-19 sufficient to cover the coming months.   In an update published following information broadcast on several websites reporting an out-of-stock condition of Covid-19 treatments, the ministry affirmed that the available stock is sufficient

Energy Minister Announces Contamination with Coronavirus

Rabat – The Minister of Energy, Mining and Environment Aziz Rabbah has announced that he has tested positive for the coronavirus.   In a press release on Thursday evening, the minister said he had undergone screening tests for the coronavirus (Covid-19), which were found to be positive.   Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse

Morocco Made Progress in Health Sector, Efforts Are Still Needed (OECD)

Paris – While Morocco has made progress in the health sector (increase in life expectancy and reduction in the burden of communicable disease), efforts are still needed, according to a recent report of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).   “In recent years, Morocco has made progress in the health sector, with an