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Zorgho, The Sanbrado Mines Company (SOMISA) signed a scholarship agreement with two new high school graduates from the commune of Boudry on October 2, 2023 at Boudry town hall. This took place during a ceremony chaired by the high commissioner of Ganzourgou province, Mrs. Aminata Sorghum/Gouba.

As part of the Sanbrado Mines Society (SOMISA) scholarship program, Sylvie W. Zabda and Abdoul Sakourou Tiendrébéogo, two students from the Boudry departmental high school, were selected among the best high school graduates of the 2023 session of the high schools in the commune of Boudry to benefit from a three-year scholarship for their university studies.

The signing of the scholarship agreement between SOMISA and the beneficiaries took place in the meeting room of the town hall of Boudry, under the chairmanship of the high commissioner of the province of Ganzourgou, Mrs. Aminata Sorgho/Gouba, in the presence of some authorities, including the President of the special delegation from the commune of Boudry, school managers, representatives of SOMISA and parents of students.

According to the terms of the agreement communicated to the beneficiaries, the scholarship covers registration fees and other compulsory additional costs when registering for a maximum of three years of higher education (equivalent to the license) without discontinuity or repetition. It also includes the purchase of basic computer equipment relevant to the needs of the studies chosen at the start of the first year. It also offers academic internships within SOMISA in the second and third year of study, but does not automatically guarantee employment to the beneficiary.

After signing the agreement, the beneficiaries each received a laptop computer with the software necessary for their studies.

For Aurélia Bassinga, the senior HR business partner at SOMISA, the scholarship program is part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and represents a way for SOMISA to contribute to education and quality professional training for young people in the community, in order to make them employable and contribute to the development of their community. “By investing in the education and training of these young talents, we are helping to shape a better future for themselves,” said SOMISA Senior Community Relations Coordinator Christelle Foméni.

According to her, the selected students demonstrated exceptional academic potential, as well as determination and passion for their field of study. “They embody the values of excellence, innovation and perseverance that we cherish within our company,” she emphasized. She expressed hope that the fellows would become thought leaders and innovators in their fields, thereby contributing significantly to the development of society. She also mentioned the first two beneficiaries of the 2022 edition, who obtained good averages in their sectors, and affirmed SOMISA’s commitment to supporting them throughout their journey.

The two scholarship recipients all chose to pursue studies in applied geology and mining. They expressed their joy at having been selected and thanked SOMISA for its support. “With this scholarship, I will be able to achieve my goals,” said Sylvie Zabda. They are all committed to working hard to not only realize their dreams, but also to satisfy the initiators of the scholarship.

The High Commissioner, Aminata Sorgho/Gouba, and the President of the Special Delegation (PDS) of Boudry, D. Mohamed Ouédraogo, thanked SOMISA for initiating this scholarship program. According to Ms. Sorgho, this will allow the winners to advance in their studies, especially since in addition to financial and material support, they will benefit from the supervision of sponsors to stimulate their learning. She encouraged the beneficiaries to work hard to earn this opportunity, while expressing the hope that the mine could increase the number of beneficiaries for the sake of the students.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

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