Minister Highlights Public Policies to Improve Social Services in Morocco

Speaking at the opening of the international symposium on digitalization and social action organized by the National Institute of Social Action (INAS) in Tangier, El Moussali discussed the integrated public policy for social protection 2020-2030, which is mainly based on social assistance and social insurance, the expansion of basic medical coverage, the development of social services and improvement of the system for targeting beneficiaries of social support programs.

For the minister, this policy will undoubtedly require digital tools and solutions to facilitate the implementation of its programs and to improve the quality and efficiency of these social services.

The government endeavored, through its various digitization plans, to provide solid communication infrastructure capable of meeting the needs of the population in various areas, including the social field, considered one of the areas most in need of support and a change in the methods and approaches of intervention, she added, recalling the work undertaken in this direction, through the National plan for the development of high and very high speed broadband, which will help provide an appropriate environment for the modernization of social action and support for its digital transformation.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse