European Portal Points to Amnesty International’s Poor Governance and Lack of Financial Transparency

Brussels – The European portal “EU Briefs” has pointed to the poor governance and lack of financial transparency of “Amnesty International”.


“Since the creation of Amnesty International (AI) there has been opacity, confidentiality and secrecy surrounding all information concerning this Foundation/Limited liability company which uses all kinds of preposterous subterfuge to avoid complying with the rules of good governance, good management, financial transparency and accountability dictated by the company law of the States where it is represented,” wrote the European portal.

In an article entitled “Amnesty International : humanitarian organization or weapon of intimidation and destabilization”, the European website stressed that “AI continues to claim to be a humanitarian foundation without bothering to revise its statutes in accordance with the rights of associations in the countries where it is based and within the framework of agreements clearly defining the nature of its missions, its real objectives and to submit to the obligation to exchange with the governments concerned before the publication of all reports and not after their publication, giving priority to the inquisitorial procedure rejected by all international justice and human rights bodies”.

According to EU Briefs, it is “clearly established” that Amnesty International “does not have the sincere will to make its mea culpa”, while in the countries where it intervenes “no problem is definitively resolved”.

The portal believed that for AI, “it seems that caring for its image is more important than solving the problems it is supposed to solve.”

The website pointed out that the choice of causes that AI “defends” and the countries where it intervenes remains completely “random, despotic and unjustified”.

According to the same source, a large proportion of AI members are supposedly volunteers, but in reality they are “paid in relation to the mass of information transmitted or services rendered, whetting their appetites to always produce even rumor and misinformation which is either classified or amplified according to the orders and conjunctures of the moment: pressure, insidious media campaigns, false reports, campaigns in support of false victims and/or false causes, or even destabilization, unrest and riots”.


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse

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