DGSN Concerned over Respecting Health Instructions within Tourist Units

Casablanca – The National Police (DGSN) has taken the necessary measures to preserve public health and enforce the provisions of the state of health emergency inside tourist establishments, affirmed, Tuesday in Casablanca, the official spokesperson of the DGSN, Boubker Sabik.


“The Director General of National Police has given firm orders as to the strict application of legal and organizational provisions relating to tourist units, so as to enforce the state of health emergency and fight against the spread of the pandemic of new coronavirus”, underlined Sabik, during a meeting with the press held at the city’s police prefecture.

The said instructions and the related measures are aimed at preserving the health of citizens, ensuring the proper implementation of regulations governing hotels, listed restaurants, cafes and other tourist units, in addition to the rigorous application of the law provisions relating to the entry and stay of foreigners in the national territory, he said.

To this end, he went on, the Casablanca police prefecture has undertaken several security operations, including 54 inspections, in a week, of tourist and hotel establishments, which helped discover legal offenses and criminal acts’ elements.

A total of 118 offenses were recorded following these operations, underlined Sabik, noting that the organizational irregularities were submitted to the competent authorities, while those of a legal nature were the subject of investigations carried out by the judicial police, before their presentation to the competent public prosecutor’s office.

For his part, head of the judicial police brigade, Adil Jamali, indicated that security interventions were carried out in several hotel and tourist units as part of a joint action with the prefectural services of general intelligence, under the supervision of the local command and on instructions from the central national police services, the goal being to control the regulation of the marketing of alcoholic beverages and the application of state of emergency’s measures.

Control operations will continue to enforce the law in these establishments, whether it is the regulations governing their functioning or the provisions of the state of health emergency, he said.

The national police services of Casablanca have so far inspected 49 restaurants selling alcoholic beverages and 117 cafes, especially in the area of ​​the Ain Diab coast.

At the end of an inspection operation carried out the day before, the manager of a hotel was placed in police custody, after the seizure in his establishment of 108 falsified tax stamps, 22 corks sealed with a false customs stamp, 11 bottles of contraband alcohol, alongside the arrest of four clients of Algerian nationality illegally residing in the Kingdom since 2019.


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse

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