Coronavirus: Authorities in Charge of Fatwa Recommend Closing Mosques As of this Monday

Rabat – In response to the request for fatwa sent by the Commander of the Faithful to the Supreme Council of Ulema, the scientific body in charge of fatwa recommends the temporary closure of mosques during all the five daily prayers in addition to Friday prayers as of this Monday, said a release from the Supreme Council.

In view of the serious repercussions caused by the coronavirus epidemic and the guidelines issued by the competent parties, including the ministry of Health, as part of precautionary measures aimed at stopping the spread of the disease, including the closure of public and private places, and on the basis of Sharia texts which emphasize the need to protect people and knowing that peace is among the conditions of the prayer, particularly in mosques, and while fear of this epidemic cancels this condition, the scientific body in charge of fatwa at the Supreme Council of Ulema recommends the closing of mosques during the five daily prayers and the Friday prayer as of this Monday, the source said.

This measure is temporary and prayers will resume in mosques as soon as the competent authorities will announce that health situation is back to normal, the source noted, adding calls to prayer (al adhan) will continue throughout all mosques.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse