Ministry of Justice, International University of Rabat Strengthen Partnership in Training

Initialed on behalf of the Minister of Justice by the Ministry’s Secretary General Abdelilah Lahkim Bennani, and UIR President Noureddine Mouaddib, this agreement aims to strengthen cooperation between the two parties, including contributing to the implementation of training policy in the justice sector and development of skills, especially in the joint organization of conferences, events and training sessions.

The agreement, which will last for three years, also aims to promote the exchange of experiences, sharing of best practices and documents, training and integration of graduates, and cooperation in other activities.

On this occasion, Bennani said in a statement to the press that training is a pillar of development, adding that this convention comes under the policy of strengthening and enhancing human capital.

It is also part of the implementation of the strategic plan of the Ministry relating to the support of the skills of all components of the justice system, he said, stressing that this convention will allow professionals in the justice system to benefit from higher education quality provided by the UIR, which will have a positive impact on the performance of the judicial system.

For his part, the Dean of the School of Law under the UIR, Amine Mezzouri, said in a similar statement that this convention aims to improve training in legal and judicial professions, noting that this partnership between the University and the Ministry will have an added value in terms of training students and development of human capital.

The convention provides, among other things, training sessions and study visits to students of the University, the taking of knowledge of jurisprudence and documents necessary for training and scientific research, while the Ministry will make available to the UIR executives and experts in the legal and judicial fields to supervise seminars and organize courses in the form of mock trials and case studies for greater professionalism.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse

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