Rally in Habib Bourguiba Square in memory of Palestinian land

Tunis: Rallying together in emotion, hope and concern, hundreds of protesters from all walks of life on Saturday evening flocked to the Habib Bourguiba square in Tunis, the epicentre of the 2011 Tunisian revolution.

The cause was a tactless, unadorned rally to commemorate Land Day, the Palestinian Land, an event observed on March 30 each year.

The commemoration of this year, 2024, comes at a time when humanity as a whole is witnessing every day a rolling genocidal tragedy that has befallen the Palestinian people in Gaza in an era that has never been seen, done or heard of before.

A commemoration steeped in the blood of a people who seem condemned to live and survive a mortifying fate, the contours of which they have been spared since well before the 67 words of the Belfort Declaration of 1917.

Amid this mixed landscape, where theories of “no man’s land” continue to dot the international chessboard, the Palestinian Land has always been present and omnipresent, the very focus of a conflict that is often in

Deeply aware of the issues at stake and the major challenges they face, the protesters were determined to brandish bold slogans that went straight to the heart of the matter.

No to the thundering silence over the barbarity of the Zionist entity in Gaza; No to the relentless attempts to normalise relations with the Zionist entity; No to the French ambassador in Tunis, whose country has constantly demonstrated its “duplicity” with regard to Arab causes, they loudly shouted.

They also called for a “boycott strategy” that transcends the logic of “crumbs” and solutions sprinkled with illusions and pretences” to turn the boycott into a powerful weapon against the Zionist project in the region.

An initiative of the National Committee in Support of the Resistance in Palestine, the rally sends a strong signal to fellow Palestinians, the people and the resistance, that they are not alone, and that Tunisians of all stripes and persuasions stand shoulder to shoulder with them and share their pain, suffering
and setbacks.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Tunisia’s mandate in AU-PSC expires March 31…commitment to serve peace and security in Africa and worldwide

Tunis: Tunisia’s mandate in the African Union Peace and Security Council (AU-PSC) expires on March 31, 2024, after two years during which the country held one of the two seats belonging to the North African region within this important African organ, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad said in a press release on Sunday.

The ministry pointed out that it was a task that Tunisia has undertaken with the same determination and commitment that have always characteriaed its foreign policy and its contributions to the service of international peace and security worldwide and in Africa in particular, based on the principles of African solidarity and integration called for by the founding fathers of the Organisation of African Unity/African Union.

Along these two years, during which the whole world and Africa witnessed unprecedented challenges at all levels,Tunisia has always been keen to be a positive force of proposal and continued working to strengthen joint African action, cooperation
and solidarity among African countries and to consolidate a new concept of collective security and common destiny on the basis of universal values and principles of the United Nations Charter and the Constitutive Charter of the African Union.

Throughout this period, Tunisia worked to advance the processes of peaceful political settlement of conflicts, strengthen preventive diplomacy, and to activate the Council’s role and responsibility in maintaining security and peace in the African Continent.

During its Presidency of the Council in April 2023, Tunisia worked on implementing its vision aiming at finding peaceful, just and lasting solutions to the various African issues for the sake of a safe, stable and prosperous African continent.

Tunisia has always been committed to strengthen the role of the Council and support its efforts to prevent conflicts, establish peace, support the pillars of African stability and devoted itself to development and reconstruction efforts.

The Tunisian Presidency programme inc
luded a series of meetings dedicated to following up on the reconciliation efforts in Libya, supporting countries going through transitional processes, evaluating the process of the African Union transitional Mission in Somalia, as well as on the progress of the transitional political processes in Mali, Burkina Faso, Sudan and Guinea.

Tunisia inserted on the agenda of the AU-PSC for the month of April 2023, several themes of common interest, such as strategic air transport and cybersecurity in Africa, raising awareness of the importance of mine prevention, preventing genocide and hate crimes in the continent.

Tunisia ‘s hosting of the 15th session of the Council’s annual retreat in November 2023, was an occasion during which Foreign Minister Nabil Ammar stressed the importance of providing the AU-PSC with the necessary tools to find adequate solutions to African problems.

In December 2023, Tunisia also hosted a meeting at the level of experts dedicated to discuss a unified African position on the applicati
on of international law in the field of information and communications technologies use in cyberspace.

Tunisia was elected to the Council for the period 2022-2024, during the elections held on the occasion of the 40th session of the Executive Council of the African Union, in Addis Ababa, in February 2022.

This was the second time that the country joined the AU-PSC which was established in 2004. Its mandate started in the aftermath of the end of its membership in the UN Security Council for the period 2020-2022, during which Tunisia was the voice of Africa and the Arab world, the same source pointed out.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Credit One Charleston Open: Ons Jabeur to defend her title

Tunis: World n°6 Ons Jabeur will defend her title at the Credit One Charleston Open, organised on April 1-7.

Exempt from the first round, Jabeur will take on, April 3, the winner of a first round game pitting American Danielle Collins against Spanish Paula Badosa.

The WTA 500 event will welcome four of the top 10 players in the world to its clay courts with Jessica Pegula, Ons Jabeur, Maria Sakkari and Jelena Ostapenko leading the charge.

Top seeds in the singles tournament this year are American No.2 Jessica Pegula and defending champion Ons Jabeur, who is searching for form after a run of disappointing results.

Jabeur has been struggling with a knee injury in recent months, which has contributed to losing her last four consecutive matches.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Politics has divided many families in Burkina, laments Professor Michel Akotionga

Renowned gynecologist Professor Michel Akotionga believes that the way of doing politics in Burkina Faso has divided many families; which pushed him to move away from it to devote himself to the care of women and the fight against female genital mutilation (FGM).

The National Radio Television of Burkina Faso rolled out on Friday March 29, 2024, in sector No. 5 of Pô in the province of Nahouri, its carpet of honor for Professor Michel Akotionga, doctor specialist in gynecology/teacher-researcher, great actor in the fight against female genital mutilation (FGM).

An AIB journalist attended the recording of the program and was able to collect some statements from the illustrious gynecologist

‘I became a gynecologist to pay homage to my mother and to all women, because my mother gave me everything and unfortunately she did not take advantage of me since she died on my first. Every time I have a woman in front of me during my activity, I think of my mother. This is the reason that led me to defend their cause, e
specially genital mutilation (FGM). I am optimistic that one day we will no longer talk about FGM in Burkina Faso,’ Professor Akotionga told our colleagues at RTB Radio.

‘I welcome the government’s decision to reduce the costs of certain examinations, this will allow the poor to benefit from them,’ said the professor regarding the drastic reduction in examination costs for MRIs, scanners and care for dialysis patients. .

On the management of the Transition, Professor Akotionga believes that strong actions are being taken and that it is the populations who must support these actions.

The professor thinks that the decision to establish the 15th as a day of traditions is a good thing. Because this will allow everyone to return to their sources. But it will have to be carefully supervised.

Why didn’t the professor embrace the political field?

He feels that he is very social and the two do not mix well. ‘The politician in Africa and particularly in Burkina Faso considers his political opponent as an enemy to
be defeated. This is what has divided many families today,’ says Professor Michel Akotionga.

Regarding social cohesion, the professor thinks that if it is shaken, this is attributable to the behavior of politicians who have divided entire families.

On the issue of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), it is a question that shocks a deplorable situation for the professor. In his opinion, there needs to be real awareness of them, because according to him, most IDPs will not want to return home after the crisis.

On the issue of land, Professor Michel Akotionga believes that we are facing a big problem. If it is not resolved, there is a strong risk of dividing villages and even entire families because it has become the easiest way to get money, explains the teacher.

As for the fight against terrorism, the professor welcomes the commitment of the Head of State, Captain Ibrahim Traoré and expresses his gratitude to the Combatant Forces for the efforts and sacrifices made on the ground.

As for expectations, Prof
essor Michel Akotionga wants a water reservoir to be created in the commune of Pô. Given that the province is full of numerous cultural, architectural and tourist potential, the professor would like to see the province equipped with a cultural center to allow young people to train.

To conclude, the professor invites the young generation not to expect everything from others, not to be discouraged, to preserve and take risks in order to build their lives.

During the program, testimonies from relatives, friends, acquaintances and comrades were broadcast.

They all recognize a deeply human, available, humble man who has African values and easy contact. Also, his family, friends and neighbors from Pô came to support him during the show.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

A motorcycle stolen in Ouagadougou, found in Bolgatanga in Ghana, thanks to the gendarmerie

Ouagadougou: A motorcycle stolen in Ouagadougou and whose disappearance was reported to the Paspanga gendarmerie on December 30, 2023, was found in Bolgatanga in Ghana and returned to its owner, the AIB learned this March 31 in Ouagadougou .

Stolen from its owner’s home, the “Sirius” brand scooter was found in a garage in Bolgatanga in Ghana, at the time when the thug and his accomplishments were preparing to modify the motorcycle’s references before selling it.

Thanks to the Burkinabè gendarmerie, who took the matter in hand, and thanks to cooperation with the Ghana border police, the motorcycle and the thieves were able to be located.

The owner, who requested anonymity, praised the efforts of the gendarmerie and the cooperation of Ghana’s security forces.

‘I honestly didn’t know we could find the bike. When I found out that the motorcycle was found in Ghana, I was pleasantly surprised, I couldn’t believe it. I salute the professional work of the Burkina Faso gendarmerie and the frank collaboration of th
e Ghana police,’ confided the happy owner of the motorcycle.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: The National Human Rights Commission presents its missions to the populations of Balé

The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) organized on Tuesday March 19, 2024 in Boromo a meeting to present the mandate of the CNDH and the missions of the Hauts Bassins regional branch to the authorities and representatives of civil society organizations.

The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) is an independent national public authority for the promotion, protection and defense of human rights in Burkina Faso. The institution has existed since 2001.

Unfortunately, according to the findings of the first officials, the CNDH is very little known to the population. The same is true of the delegation of the Hauts Bassins regional branch set up since 2021 and little known by the populations it came to serve.

It is to make themselves better known that the first managers initiated a tour from March 19 to 29, 2024 in the regions of Boucle du Mouhoun, Hauts Bassins, Cascades and Sud-Ouest in order to present on the one hand the mandate of the CNDH and on the other hand the missions of the Hauts Bassins regi
onal branch to stakeholders in the regions covered by the branch.

To do this, she spoke with the administrative authorities, the defense and security forces, customary and religious people and representatives of civil society organizations in Boromo, on March 19, 2024.

Participants followed three communications which focused on the mandate of the CNDH and the mission of the Hauts Bassins regional branch, the complaints mechanism of the CNDH and the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture.

Communications were handled respectively by the secretary general of the CNDH Paul KABRE, the head of the complaints department Germaine KIEMA and the head of the Western regional branch service Olivier KABRE.

At the end of the communications, the participants had fruitful exchanges with the CNDH delegation.

The participants expressed their satisfaction with the approach of the CNDH which allowed them to discover the institution.

In the opinion of the president of the Balé provincial youth council, Zakaria GUI
RA, human rights issues in the context of insecurity experienced by Burkina should not be a taboo subject and this is the role of the CNDH. being with the populations and listening to them.

According to the secretary general of the CNDH Paul KABRE, the mission achieved its objectives given the mobilization of the invited actors, the interest in communications and exchanges.

Also, Mr. KABRE invited the participants to be relays with their respective structures in order to allow populations to know the independent national public authority that is the CNDH and to be able to use its services if necessary.

The high commissioner of the province Ibrahim Boly expressed his satisfaction at receiving the CNDH because the institution is on its first mission of exchange with the populations, the concentrated and decentralized structures of the province since its creation. He therefore invited the participants to be relays for the CNDH

Source: Burkina Information Agency

National situation: The Archbishop of Ouagadougou calls to maintain confidence in God

Ouagadougou: The Metropolitan Archbishop of Ouagadougou, Monsignor Prosper Kontiébo, urged the Catholic faithful to maintain confidence in God, in the face of the difficulties facing Burkina Faso.

‘The difficulties that our country is going through should not make us lose confidence in God. On the contrary, as believers, we know that the cross (suffering) is a reality and that God himself will confront it in order to bring us salvation,’ said Monsignor Prosper Kontiébo.

The Metropolitan Archbishop of Ouagadougou spoke on the night of Saturday to Sunday at Ouagadougou Cathedral, on the occasion of the Easter vigil.

‘The Easter message is an invitation to hope and trust. This victory of Christ (over death) is an invitation to never lose sight of the fact that even if God seems silent, he is not sleeping. Evil can never defeat good. God has the last word on the history of the world and on our history,’ he said previously.

Monsignor Prosper Kontiébo then invited the audience and in particular, the faithful wh
o are preparing to receive baptism, communion and confirmation to follow in the footsteps of the Risen One.

‘Our life must be connected to Christ who is the way, the truth and the life. It is Christ who must become the criterion for judging all other realities’ of our lives, he advocated.

Finally, the Archbishop urged the faithful to be messengers of the light, joy and peace of Christ in their families, their workplaces and in society.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Easter: President Traoré calls on Christians to pray for a Burkina of security, peace and stability

Ouagadougou: » After forty days of fasting and prayer, the Christian community celebrates the feast of Easter, the resurrection of Christ.

In the context of the fight for the reconquest of our territory, our dignity and our sovereignty, I invite the Christian faithful to always carry our dear homeland in their prayers.

In solidarity, sharing and tolerance, let us build a Burkina of security, peace and stability.

May the graces of the paschal mystery guide us towards a better future.

Happy holiday to all faithful Christians! », Wrote President Ibrahim Traoré on the occasion of Easter which takes place this Sunday March 31, 2024.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass of Kaolack prays for the return of peace to Burkina

Ouagadougou: While staying in Burkina Faso, the religious guide, Cheikh Ibrahim Inyass from Kaolack in Senegal, organized an evening of invocations and douas for the return of peace to Burkina, on Thursday March 28, 2024, at the large mosque of sector No. 7 of Ouahigouya.

Coming from the four corners of the town of Ouahigouya, men, women and children stormed the premises from 7 pm

But it was finally around 9 pm that the host of the evening, Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass of Kaolack, accompanied by other imams from the town of Ouahigouya, made his entrance.

After more than thirty minutes of prayer for the ‘tarawih’ (the great evening prayer) led by the Sheikh, time for invocations and blessings for the return of peace to Burkina Faso.

For the religious guide, they came to show their solidarity with the brother peoples of the city of Ouahigouya and in general of Burkina Faso. ‘From Senegal, we receive information on the security and humanitarian situation. We assure you that these difficult situations that you are c
urrently experiencing will be combined in the past by then. To the authorities of the transition, headed by Captain Ibrahim Traoré, to the valiant fighters (FDS and VDP), may God the Almighty protect the authorities of the country, the fighting forces (FDS and VDP) in the missions of the operations of reconquest ‘occurring everywhere in the country of men of integrity,’ he hoped.

And the participants, like Adja Zoénabou Ouédraogo, thanked Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass for coming from Kaolack in Senegal to give us blessings. ‘We are sure that God will grant his wishes and that peace will return to Burkina Faso,’ said the participant.

At the end of these duas, the religious guide called all the sons and daughters of Burkina to sacred union, especially to support the transitional authorities and the fighting forces for final victory.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Last decade of Ramadan: FAIB urges Muslims to increase invocations for peace and security in Burkina Faso

Ouagadougou: For the last ten days of the Ramadan fast, the Federation of Islamic Associations of Burkina (FAIB) urges the Muslim faithful to increase the invocations for peace and security in the country.

Burkina Faso Information Agency

Read the full appeal

‘In this last decade, we wish you all nights of full adoration. Let us multiply the invocations for peace and security in our dear country.

In the name of Allah, Clement and Merciful

Verily, We revealed the Quran in the night of Destiny.

And what a marvelous night is the night of Destiny!

Because the night of Destiny is worth more than a thousand months combined!

It is during this night that the angels and the Spirit descend, with the permission of their Lord, to carry out every divine command.

And it is during this night that an ineffable peace reigns until dawn!

Quran 97.’, we read on the FAIB Facebook page.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Gaoua: 5,733 cartons of counterfeit cigarettes incinerated

The Gaoua Gendarmerie Research Brigade incinerated 5,733 cartons of counterfeit cigarettes of various brands on Saturday March 30, 2024, noted the AIB.

In total, 5,733 cartons of cigarettes of various brands were seized by the Gaoua Gendarmerie Research Brigade.

These seized unauthorized cigarettes were incinerated on Saturday March 30, 2024 in Gaoua.

According to the commander of the Gaoua gendarmerie brigade, chief warrant officer Moussa Bangré, on Monday March 4, 2024, thanks to an anonymous source in good faith, the gendarmerie received information regarding goods of doubtful origin in a courtyard for residential use as a ‘ celibaterium’ model.

‘A rapid transport to the scene, followed by a search, made it possible to find cartons of cigarettes. They were seized and taken to our service,’ he said.

The investigation revealed that these products came from a country where the owner lives there.

‘We have not been able to get our hands on him at the moment,’ said the chief warrant officer.

The market va
lue remained unknown. For Chief Warrant Officer Moussa Bangré, it is practically impossible to give the market value.

Furthermore, he welcomed the seizure of these products, which, in his opinion, once on the market, would have harmed the national economy and affected the health of the population. Before adding that their marketing could have been a source of financing terrorism.

This is why the commander of the Gaoua gendarmerie research brigade once again called for the collaboration of the population by reporting any suspicious situation.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Media: The new head of RTB2/North intends to discover the potential of the locality

Ouagadougou: The new regional director of RTB2/North, Xavier Belemgnégré, promised on March 28, 2024, to work to further discover the potential of the locality in all areas.

Appointed on March 21, 2024, the former editor-in-chief of national radio and current Regional Director of RTB2/North, Xavier Belemgnégré, took up his position on March 28, 2024.

It was officially installed by the Secretary General of Radiodiffusion-Télévision du Burkina (RTB), Grace Isabellita Foro, at the headquarters of RTB2/Nord.

The new regional director said he was aware of the task ahead of him. This is why he asks RTB partners to support him in this great mission.

‘Let the population of the Northern region make RTB theirs, because the main thing is to work for the return of peace, to bring tranquility to the region. Of course, there can sometimes be misunderstandings, but we must work together to succeed in this challenge. We will work to boost this region in its different areas, because today, we are talking about endogenous
development, the promotion of cultural values. We are going to deploy in all the localities of the region, to discover the advantages, the potentialities,’ he underlined.

Mr. Belemgnégré hoped that his colleagues would give the same dynamism that they had with his predecessor Joseph Bambara.

The outgoing director was delighted with the work accomplished during the seven years spent at the head of RTB2/North.

‘When we arrived, RTB/Nord was a television production center. We were able to reopen the radio which had been closed for years. Since 2018, 89.5 has covered the four provinces of the Northern region and even goes beyond,’ he explained.

He also urged his former colleagues to support his replacement.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

The president of the CSC salutes the professionalism and spirit of resilience of his colleagues in the East

Ouagadougou: The President of the Higher Communication Council (CSC), Idrissa Ouédraogo, accompanied by advisors Abdoul Karim Ouelezan Banao and Issa Laknapin Alexandre Zou made a working visit to Fada N’Gourma, a town located in a region with a strong security challenge.

This visit allowed the first head of the regulatory body to speak with his colleagues from the Eastern Regional Delegation. The discussions focused, among other things, on working conditions in this context of security crisis, monitoring and the staff situation.

President Ouédraogo congratulated the regional delegate Mr. Boureima Bandiba Cyrille Ouoba and his team for the professionalism they demonstrate and the spirit of resilience that drives them. He also expressed to them his ambition to modernize the institution.

Before this meeting with the staff, the President of the CSC presented his greetings to the administrative authorities of the Eastern region.

The president of the CSC, who aims to organize the general meetings of communicat
ion and modernize the institution regulating the media and communications on social networks, has undertaken several tours in the ministerial departments and in the regional representatives of the CSC.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

The Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces in contact with his men in the region with strong security challenges in the East

Ouagadougou: The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (CEMGA), Brigadier General Célestin Simporé, carried out, on March 30, 2024, an operational visit to the fighting forces in the region of Is located in an area with a high security challenge.

Accompanied by the Minister Delegate for Security and the military hierarchy, General Simporé congratulated the troops for the recent results achieved in the operations to reconquer the national territory, AIB learned from the services of the General Staff of the armies.

He also took part in a delivery of food to the widows of the Volunteers for the Defense of the Fatherland (VDP) who fell while defending the Country, its inhabitants and their property.

President Ibrahim Traoré, the ministers in charge of Defense and Security and the military and police hierarchy make a point of going to theaters of operation and multiplying initiatives to move towards comprehensive care. men and women engaged in combat.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Culture: a Russian play to celebrate International Theater Day at CITO

Ouagadougou: The Minister in charge of Culture Rimtalba Jean Emmanuel Ouédraogo presided over the celebration of the international theater day on the evening of Wednesday March 27, 2024, at the Carrefour International de ThéStre de Ouagadougou (CITO) . with a Russian play dealing with corruption.

With the support of the Russian-Burkinabe association AFRICAN INITIATIVE, International Theater Day was celebrated with a theatrical production at the CITO Theater in Ouagadougou, on March 27, 2024.

The play ‘The Revizor’ is the work of Nikolai Gogol.

Cultural figures came to see the Russian classic. It was the Minister of Communication, Culture, Arts and Tourism of Burkina Faso, Rimtalba Jean Emmanuel OUEDRAOGO, who chaired this ceremony rich in colors and lights.

Professor Alexandre, on behalf of the AFRICAN INITIATIVE association and the Russian delegation, took the floor to testify to the excellence of cooperation between Burkina Faso and Russia.

A minute of silence was observed at the request of the Profess
or to pay tribute to the victims of terrorism in both countries and in particular during the last attack which took place in Russia.

For Professor Alexandre, Burkina Faso and Russia must strengthen their ties to fight terrorism which spares no one.

‘We have the same fight and it is certain that we will overcome this phenomenon in the very near future,’ he added.

The large audience greatly appreciated the show and the actors received a long standing ovation.

Let us remember that ‘Le Revizor’ is a play which deals with the issue of corruption, the battlehorse of the current Transition government.

Source: Burkina Information Agency