Monday, March 11, first day of Ramadan

2024 will be the first day of the month of Ramadan in the year 1445 of the Hegira, the Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Hichem Ben Mahmoud, announced in a TV address on Watania 1 channel on Sunday evening.

On this occasion, the high religious authority sent his best wishes to the President of the Republic and to all Tunisians and Muslims throughout the world for the start of the holy month.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Ramadan should not be an opportunity for monopolies and price hikes (President Kais Saied)

Ramadan should not be an opportunity for monopolies and price hikes,” stressed President Kais Saied as he addressed the Tunisian people on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan in a speech delivered on Sunday evening from the Zitouna mosque.

The President called for a reduction in prices, a boycott of those who seek to speculate and monopolise, and help for the needy.

He recalled the importance of fasting during the month of Ramadan, when the Holy Quran was revealed, noting that fasting is not only abstaining from food and drink, but also adhering to the goals of Islam by ensuring that behaviour and good deeds are upright.

“He who does not forbid speaking and doing falsely, God has no need to forbid his eating and drinking,” he said, adding, “O you who have believed, it is decreed for you to fast, as it was decreed for those before you, that you may become righteous. (Verse 183 of Surat Al-Baqarah).

The essence of Islam is based on the concept of righteousness, “and righteousness has many meanings, in
cluding refraining from sins, suspicions and excessive appetites,” he said.

The President quoted the words of God Almighty: “But whoever fears the position of his Lord and forbids the soul from indulgence, Paradise is the abode of the soul” (al-Nazu’at 40/41).

He quoted the words of Abdullah bin Amr bin al-As when he was asked about Jihad and he replied, “Begin with yourself and strive for it, and begin with yourself and conquer it,” for this month, glorified by Allah, is the month of self-struggle and self-purification.

He concluded by praying “to Allah to accept our fasting and prayers and pray to the Almighty to grant our brothers in Palestine and us and them victory against the usurping Zionists until the liberation of all of Palestine and the establishment of their independent state with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital, the first of the two Qiblahs and the third of the Two Holy Mosques, and for the whole nation to unite around a common word to put an end to this crime and the war of annihilation and

He added: “Only on Saturday, dozens died of hunger and thirst in front of the eyes of the world, along with those who were martyred or injured by the barbaric shelling everywhere. God, O Lord, give them a clear victory, and if God gives you victory, there will be no victor for you”.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

MFA calls on Canadian authorities to establish responsibility after death of Tunisian shot seven times by Canadian police

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad on Sunday called on the Canadian authorities to “act with the necessary speed and within the framework of respect for human rights and the law to establish responsibility for the death of Tunisian citizen Marwan Chouk at the hands of two Canadian policemen last Sunday, March 3, 2024,” describing the incident as “tragic”.

According to a statement by the ministry, Marwan Chouk died at the hands of two Canadian policemen in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, and initial unconfirmed information indicates that he was not in a dangerous position to be shot seven times by the two policemen.

The Ministry expressed its condolences to the family of the deceased and reiterated its commitment to continue working to establish the truth and defend the rights of the deceased, noting that efforts are underway to repatriate his body as soon as possible.

According to the Ministry, its central services are in constant contact with the diplomatic and consular missions in
Canada and the Canadian Embassy in Tunis in order to follow this incident closely and to intensify contacts with the Canadian Foreign Ministry, the authorities of the province of Ontario and the Oakville police in order to quickly establish all the circumstances, uncover all the relevant facts and assign administrative and penal responsibilities swiftly and without delay.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

President exchanges Ramadan greetings with Algerian and Egyptian counterparts

President Kais Saied and the Presidents of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, and the Arab Republic of Egypt, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, held phone calls on Sunday evening during which they exchanged congratulations on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, the Presidency of the Republic announced in separate statements.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Weather cloudy with isolated and temporarily stormy rains expected in east

The weather is partly cloudy, getting gradually cloudy in the afternoon in north- and central-west regions with isolated and temporarily stormy rains expected locally in the east during the night.

The wind is blowing west relatively strong to strong near coasts and in the south with local sandstorms and moderate elsewhere.

The sea is rough to very choppy in the north and very choppy to locally rough elsewhere.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Textile and clothing SMEs: Call for applications for support from GTEX/MENATEX programme

The Global Textile and Clothing Programme (GTEX-Tunisia) has just launched a call for applications for the selection of SMEs in the Textile and Clothing sector in Tunisia, which will enjoy exclusive support from the GTEX/MENATEX II programme (2024-2027).

To be selected, small and medium-sized enterprises should meet the following criteria, i.e. be

-An industrial company based in Tunisia and employing fewer than 500 people;

-Exporting or ready to export to international markets;

-Committed to sustainable development.

Companies can submit their applications online via the link below:…/G2tIYnNeTwUCZlJxXlV4S0d5cHY

According to the programme, this is an opportunity for companies to grow globally while contributing to a more sustainable future. The deadline for companies to apply is March 24, 2024.

The GTEX/MENATEX-Tunisia project is the result of a partnership between the Tunisian Government, the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and the Swedish Internation
al Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), as donors, which have provided the funds needed to implement the project, and the UN International Trade Centre (ITC) and the World Trade Organisation (WTO), as the agency in charge of implementing the project.

The Global Programme for Textiles and Clothing (GTEX/MENATEX) in Tunisia aims to step up export competitiveness in the textile and clothing industry. The envisaged impact of the project is to increase employment and income along the Textile and Clothing (T and C) value chain in the country.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Tunis host 1st Maghreb Influencers Congress, May 10-11

Tunisia is hosting the first Maghreb Influencers Congress on May 10-11, with a ceremony to award the prizes for the first Maghreb Competition in this field.

The Steering Committee of the Influencers International Academy (IIA) and its representatives in Tunisia, the Maghreb and the Middle East, announced on March 7 at a press conference in Tunis, that a Maghreb Competition has been launched with a TND 100,000 award for the winner from the Maghreb region.

Tunisia will host this first Congress under the slogan “Content creation and influence in the era of artificial intelligence,” which will be crowned by an awards ceremony for influencers, communicators, journalists and content creators from the Maghreb region in a number of economic, social and technological specialities and sectors.

IIA General Coordinator Wajdi Trabelsi announced at the press conference the launch of an ambitious training programme in a number of technical and professional specialities related to content creation and public influence, co
inciding with the opening of IIA offices in the North African and Middle East regions.

In the era of artificial intelligence, the global content industry and the tools of digital influence are undergoing major and unprecedented transformations.

This first congress, attended by experts, actors, innovators and start-ups, aims to explore and debate the major challenges and exciting opportunities arising from new technologies, artificial intelligence tools and algorithms, and their future use in the media, communications, research and marketing.

During the gathering in Tunisia of opinion leaders, content creators and professionals from the Maghreb region, plenary sessions and workshops will be organised for in-depth discussion on the latest trends in the world and how to improve the uses of artificial intelligence in an ethical and effective manner.

The event will also feature exhibition stands showcasing innovative technologies, products and techniques from the AI ecosystem.

The congress offer the opportuni
ty to interact with emerging companies and strategic partners, create a network of relationships and a platform for communication, training and exchange between the various stakeholders.

A large-scale media and multi-support campaign has been undertaken in the Maghreb countries to launch the first Maghreb Competition for influencers, media professionals and content creators.

Partnerships and cooperation agreements have been established with leading television channels, radio stations and media outlets in the region to ensure joint mobilisation and awareness-raising, while a group of NGOs, companies and innovative brands will support the competition, its prizes and capacity-building initiatives.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Women’s contributions to fisheries sector unrecognised in Tunisia and in 4 other countries, according to FAO study

Despite the wide and varied roles played by women in fisheries, their contributions to the sector are often not captured in official statistics and can therefore go unrecognised, reinforcing existing gender inequalities and potentially leading to inadvertent discrimination, according to a recent study prepared by the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO).

Titled “Women in fisheries in the Mediterranean and Black Sea region: roles, challenges and opportunities,” this study covers five countries: Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Albania and Georgia, countries “identified as those with limited published information on this topic and thus best positioned to potentially benefit from additional research on women’s participation

in fisheries and to fill gaps in overall regional understanding.

The study reveals that “women play active roles throughout the fisheries value chain in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, including particip
ating in pre-harvest activities like vessel and gear construction and maintenance, harvest activities both on board fishing vessels and from shore, and post-harvest activities such as sorting, cleaning, processing and marketing the catch, as well as in activities associated with running the fishing business, such as bookkeeping.”

Furthermore, women are actively engaged throughout the region in fisheries research and fisheries administrations.

According to the interviews carried out in Tunisia, “many women work from their home in the design and reassembly of fishing nets. In some regions of Tunisia, there are women who perform coastal fishing, from the shore (e.g. as gleaners or

clam collectors) or on boats, sometimes with their husbands and other times on their own.There are also examples of women taking over for their husbands to perform vessel-based fishing activities in case their husbands fall ill or are

no longer able to fish.

“Also in Tunisia, women commonly work as manual workers in the processing
of tuna and sardines and many women work in fisheries related research and fisheries monitoring roles.”

“In Tunisia, in recent years, more and more women are taking on prominent positions as regional managers and fisheries wardens, or at research institutes,” the study points out.

the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean estimates the number of artisanal fishermen in Tunisia at 35,450, accounting for around 70% of the workforce in the fishing sector. Updated statistics on the number of women in the sector are still lacking.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Scattered and temporarily stormy rains expected in north

The weather on Sunday night is sometime very cloudy with scattered and temporarily stormy rains expected in the north.

The wind is blowing west relatively strong near coasts, on heights and in the south, light to moderate elsewhere.

Highs range between 7°C and 11°C in the north and on heights and between 13°C and 18°C elsewhere.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

In Wambsouya, the Special Forces of the Gambo unit wipe out a major terrorist base, (updated dispatch, read Wambsouya instead of Welguemsifou, our apologies)

Ouagadougou: This week the Combatant Forces once again brilliantly accomplished their patriotic missions of territorial reconquest and in favor of the return of peace.

On March 8, 2024, in the North-Central zone around 6 p.m., terrorists were neutralized by missile strikes at an orchard in Wambsouya, about twenty kilometers from Barsalgho.

Many criminals and their logistical means were reduced to ashes.

However, the operation was far from over. She was just getting started.

All night, the aerial vectors continued the observations and were able to discover not far away a major terrorist base in this abandoned village.

A daring and dangerous operation was quickly mounted and at 6 a.m., the Gambo Special Forces commando took over the scene.

Faced with the scale of the situation, another commando joins the assault.

The battle will last for 9 hours and the forces of evil will suffer a severe beating, with several dozen terrorists neutralized.

The spoils of war are also impressive: Several trucks and tanker
s stolen a few years ago, hundreds of full barrels of gasoline, weapons, food, professional equipment never provided to the national armed forces such as radio controls

The boys also discovered new types of assault rifles and many other new military equipment from the assassins.

At 5 p.m., the base was wiped out and the Special Forces exfiltrated.

After their departure, survivors will come out of their hiding place and flee towards Taouremba north of Kelbo.

But that was without counting on the vigilance of the pilots.

Arriving at their destination, the criminals position themselves under a tree to digest this hot day.

But there is no rest: a violent missile fired from the skies will burn them.

Explosions are also heard, a sign of the presence of munitions.

In addition to this great feat, the Fighting Forces achieved other victories this week.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Popular support for the Transition in Burkina

Ouagadougou: Mobilized groups, made up mainly of young people and encouraged by notables, demonstrated during the day then at night from March 9 to 10 in several localities of the country, to reiterate their support for the Transition led by Captain Ibrahim Traoré and paid tribute to the leaders and actors of the patriotic citizen watch.

In Ouagadougou, the African Movement for Total Independence (MALIT) held a citizen watch meeting at the Tampouy roundabout, to support the country’s leaders and pay tribute to certain actors of citizen watch, in particular.

We could see in the audience the activist Mohamadi Autre, who had been convicted for saying that the gendarmerie was not investing 100% in the fight against terrorism and then released after the gendarmerie withdrew his complaint and calming actions.

In Dori, in the north of the country, the population organized a march meeting under the aegis of the Burkina Ramparts Federation, in support of the Head of State and his government for the courageous to sa
y no to imperialism, to leave the ECOWAS country and for the efforts made in favor of women and in the reconquest of the national territory.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Electrification started at the Abdoul Services Saaba 2 city: Residents say thank you to the Burkinabe authorities

Ouagadougou: Residents of the Abdoul Services Saaba 2 city warmly thanked yesterday, Saturday, the Burkinabe authorities, in particular Minister Bassolma Bazié, for his involvement in the launch of the electrification of their framework of life.

Members of the Association of Solidarity Residents of the Abdoul Service Saaba 2 city celebrated yesterday, Saturday, the values of union, cohesion and sharing during their communities day.

The meeting above all served as a framework for launching the long-awaited electrification of the area.

The Burkinabè National Electricity Company (SONABEL) delegated the work to a private company called PPI. According to SONABEL representative Abou Ouattara, the project should be completed within eight months.

He assured that there will be enough power for every household to have its own meter.

‘Before, we were in an improved non-loti, now we can say that we are in a housing estate,’ rejoiced the secretary general of Residents in Solidarity, Mady Sawadogo.

He hopes to put in
to oblivion this era when residents had to spend the night elsewhere if they did not return before 6 p.m., for fear of being attacked.

The president of the Association, Yssouf Ouédraogo, thanked all the people who have been involved for years to make the project a success.

He particularly expressed the gratitude of the residents of the city towards the Minister of State in charge of the Civil Service, Bassolma Bazié, who, according to him, allowed the relaunch of the file at a time when the doors were closing in front of the association.

The minister’s representative, Pama Séni, promised that he will regularly visit the site and report to the authority.

In the meantime, Mr. Séni urged the members of the association to remain united, a guarantee of success according to him, in all the projects they undertake.

The traditional chiefs and notables of the locality blessed the work and wished for a continued improvement in the living conditions of residents but also of the natives.

On this subject, the Associ
ation of Solidarity Residents of the Abdoul Service Saaba 2 city submitted a memorandum to the authorities present.

There is a need for road, educational, health and sanitation infrastructure. The construction of a police station, the strengthening of patrols and the rapid delivery of documents attesting to the legality of their land ownership are also part of their demands, without forgetting social infrastructure such as a library, a sports field, and green and leisure spaces.

The prefect-president of the special Saaba delegation, Kassoum Kaboré, said he had taken note of these grievances.

He has already announced that a CSPS should be inaugurated in the coming days to strengthen the city’s health provision.

To close, the Association of Solidarity Residents of the Abdoul Service Saaba 2 city presented certificates of recognition to all the people who work on a daily basis to improve their living conditions and to strengthen social cohesion within the community. the city.

Source: Burkina Information Ag

Yacouba Barro, barely elected at the head of road transporters and already called upon to combat smuggling

Ouagadougou: The road transporters of Burkina have entrusted the management of their umbrella to Yacouba Barro, elected president yesterday in Ouagadougou, at the end of the 2nd ordinary congress of the single umbrella of road transporters of Burkina Faso (FUTRB). ) and already invited by the government to tackle smuggling fraud.

The 2nd congress of road transporters of Burkina, organized under the theme ‘The FUTRB, a patriotic and resilient organization of professional actors in the service of the nation’ was marked by the election of Yacouba Barro at the head of this organization, in succession by Issoufou Maïga

At the opening of the Congress, the Minister of Transport, Urban Mobility and Road Safety also called on transporters to be more vigilant about the contraband products they may carry, according to the ministry’s communications services. transports.

Minister Somda also invited the members of the FUTRB to work to respect the circulation hours of heavy goods vehicles and also to respect the standard
s for the transformation of their vehicles.

Mr. Barro, who was until then the vice-president of the umbrella company, indicated that he will work with his collaborators and partners, placing ‘an emphasis on raising awareness for safety and good service.’

Source: Burkina Information Agency

March 17 elections: Russians in Burkina vote in advance

Ouagadougou: Russian citizens living in Burkina Faso voted in advance on Sunday for the election of the future president of the Russian Federation, scheduled for March 17, 2024, noted an AIB journalist.

Front-runner and incumbent President Vladimir Putin and three other candidates are in the running.

Source: Burkina Information Agency