President Saïed visits Huawei headquarters, Library and BYD Company [Upd 1]

Tunis: President of the Republic Kaïs Saïed, his wife and members of the delegation accompanying him on a State visit to China went Saturday to Dongguan, a prefecture-level city in central Guangdong Province, where they toured Huawei Library.

The curator of the library briefed the visitors about various pavilions, particularly the one dedicated to Tunisia.

The Head of State presented the various civilisations throughout Tunisia’s history and offred Tunisian works to the library as a token of friendship binding the Tunisian and Chinese peoples, the Presidency of the Republic said in a press release.

Saïed also paid a visit to Huawei corporate headquarters in Shenzhen where he met with its founder Ren Zhengfei and took stock of the activities of the company across the world, mainly in Tunisia, as well as its latest technological innovations and opportunities to develop partnership with Tunisia in the digitisation of the administration, financial transactions, education and renewable energies.

Saïed said, has become a pressing need considering its numerous advantages which go beyond the rapid and transparent provision of services and its contribution to the fight against corruption.

Then, the President paid a visit to the headquarters of BYD Company specialised in manufacturing electric and hybrid vehicles. He focused attention on means of public transport (buses, subway vehicles ) manufactured by the company and said, in this vein, the public transport service is an absolute priority in Tunisia.

The State, he said, seeks to identify adequate solutions to upgrade this service as a pillar of economic development.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

‘Our movement is different from old closed party structures’ (Souhail Nemri)

Tunis: The Alliance of the Homeland (Arabic: Tahalof Ansar al Watan) on Sunday held a national meeting in Tunis with the participation of its leaders and regional structures to discuss the establishment of rules of procedure for this party, which is ‘different from the old closed party structures,’ said its spokesman Souhail Nemri.

The alliance is not new, he pointed out, adding that it brings together a number of civic movements that are active on the national scene and had taken part in previous elections. The party is endeavouring to put into practice the shared will to unify its ranks and form a new party structure that is different from the old political parties, he explained.

The alliance had called for the revision of the law on parties in order to open the way for new political thinking in the country and to create a synergy for the launch of social movements combining civic commitment and political involvement, he underlined, arguing that the old political parties had lost their credibility, no lon
ger possess the tools for success and no longer have the capacity to fulfil their missions as intermediary bodies.

Nemri emphasised the need to create a civic movement that participates in debates and proposals with state structures, present constructive projects and organise itself better.

He recalled that the Alliance is not in conflict with any political party and is not the spokesperson for any state structure.

Referring to the forthcoming presidential election, he said that his party supports the July 25 process and is working to consolidate it.

‘As soon as the President of the Republic officially announces his candidacy, the Alliance for the Homeland will support him, because we consider that no-one else is capable of continuing the process,’ he affirmed.

The Alliance welcomed in a press release on Sunday, the measures taken by the President of the Republic to combat corruption and clean up the administration, expressing its support for the Head of State as the sole guarantor of the completion of t
he process of rectifying the new Republic.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Prime Minister to travel to Seoul to attend first Korea-Africa Summit June 3-6

Tunis: At the request of President Kais Saied, Prime Minister Ahmed Hachani, will pay a working visit to the Republic of Korea from June 3 to 6.

He will lead a Tunisian delegation to participate in the first Korea-Africa Summit, which will be held in the Korean capital, Seoul, under the theme “The Future We Make Together: Shared Growth, Sustainability and Solidarity.»

The summit aims to strengthen cooperation with the African continent and consolidate political and economic ties between African countries and the Republic Korea, especially in the fields of infrastructure, renewable energy and digitalisation, according to a press release from the Prime Ministry.

The Prime Minister will be accompanied by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad, Nabil Ammar, and Minister of Economy and Planning, Feryel Ouerghi.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Average age of first cigarette in Tunisia around 7 years old

Tunis: According to estimates, the average age of the first cigarette is around 7 years in Tunisia, where 20% of deaths are due to smoking, revealed Officer in charge of the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases and mental health in the WHO country office in Tunisia Dr. Olfa Saidi.

Speaking to the media, she expressed concern that tobacco consumption is increasing among young people and children, who are being seduced by new products such as electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco.

According to a survey conducted by the Health Ministry in 2021, the consumption rate of electronic cigarettes among young people aged between 15 and 17 stood at 17%, compared with 14% for conventional tobacco.

The official also considers it likely that consumption among women and young girls is on the rise, in the absence of gender-based statistics.

She added that 18% of cigarette-related deaths are attributed to passive smoking.

Reducing consumption requires the mobilisation of all efforts, she argued, pointing
out that Law 17/1998 of February 23, 1998 on the prevention of the harmful effects of smoking leaves gaps in its enforcement.

This law does not prohibit sales to minors or sales near educational and university establishments, she said, recalling that the WHO celebrates World No Tobacco Day this year under the theme: “Protecting Children from Tobacco Industry Interference.”

In 2013, the Health Ministry proposed an initiative to amend the anti-smoking law, aimed notably at protecting young people and children from passive smoking in the home environment, and involving everyone in efforts to combat this scourge.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

More feats sought in Paris 2024 Paralympics, Raoua Tlili, Tissaoui tell TAP

Tunis: Tunisian Paralympic champion Raoua Tlili, gold medallist in shot put (F41) at the Kobe 2024 Para Athletics World Championships in Japan (May 17-25), said Tunisian athletes had managed to rise to the responsibility falling on their shoulders and honour their country in spite of the lack of preparation.

Tlili said in an interview with TAP the primary objective of the Tunisian participation in the world championships had been to stand atop the podium and snatch the highest possible number of medals.

All of the medals taken by Tunisian athletes -gold, silver or bronze – have a symbolic importance for Tunisian sports and Paralympism.

The members of the national team had been afftected by a World Anti-Doping Agency ban on displaying the national flag at major sporting events before the start of the championships. This decision, she said, had “strengthened our determination to chart a way to the podium” and “our main concern was to hear the national anthem in Japan.”

Raoua Tlili also said “slipping from t
he 7th spot in the medal table at the Paris 2023 Para Athletics World Championships to 11th at the Kobe edition profoundly impacted the national team,” calling for the need to deploy further efforts and learn from mistakes.

Beyond performances, Tlili said, she and other veteran athletes, including Walid Ktila, had played a key role in monitoring and encouraging younger athletes who aspire to a distinguished continental and international career.

The champion praised the President of the Republic for the

continous encouragement to Para athletes.

World Paralympic champion and Kobe gold medallist in 1500m (T38) Amenallah Tissaoui said work and discipline had been the key to success in these championships.

Tissaoui, 19, who established a new world record in his first participation, told TAP he eyes gold in Paris 2024 Paralympics.

President of the Tunisian Federation of Sports for People with Disabilities Chamseddine Gammoudi said the national team had anew managed to take up challenges with 17 medals (4 gold
, 6 silver and 7 bronze).

These results scored are “positive” and “encouraging” in the runup to the coming events, especially the Paris Paralympics.

Kobe championships had been a milestone in the preparation for Para athletes, he added. The next stage requires better warmup conditions, notably training camps in Europe to attain the goals sought and enhance the position of Tunisian Paralympism in the world.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Tunisia’s soccer League 1 – relegation phase – day 13: O. Béja – ‘US Ben Guerdane (2-1)

Tunis: Olympique de Béja held on to top spot in the standings thanks to their 2-1 victory over US Ben Guerdane on Sunday, in Tunisia’s national soccer League 1 relegation phase day-13 game played on Sunday.

June 2:

Medjez El-Bab:

O. Béja 2 Rabie Homri (9), Ahmed Omri (68)

US Ben Guerdane 1 Ayoub Mcharek (26)

June 1:


AS Marsa 2 Nizar Smichi 6′, Mohamed Sadok Ngazou 87′

CA Bizertin 2 Taieb Ben Zitoun 23′, Firas Ben Othman 60′


US Tataouine 0

AS Soliman 2 Mohamed Amine Triter 68′ (pen.), Jassem Ben Kilani 78′


ES Métlaoui 1 Hamza Letifi 88′ (pen.)

EGS Gafsa 1 Sadok Ben Salem 45′

Standings P G W D L GF GA Dif

1- O Béja 27 13 7 3 3 19 8 +11

2- CA Bizertin 24 13 5 5 3 15 10 +5

3- EGS Gafsa 21 13 5 4 4 10 9 +1

4- US Tataouine 21 13 5 4 4 11 14 -3

5- USB Guerdane 19 13 4 3 6 11 13 -2

6- ES Métlaoui 19 13 4 4 5 13 15 -2

7- AS Soliman 18 13 6 0 7 11 13 -2

8- AS Marsa (relegated) 13 13 4 1 8 10 19 -9

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Rugby Union – Tunisian championship: Stade Nabeulien hold on to title

Tunis: Stade Nabeulien held on to the Tunisian Rugby Union Championship title for the 2023-2024 season, beating AS Jammel 16-6, in the final played on Sunday at the Zouiten stadium.

It is the 18th title in the history of the club.

The U17 title went to AS Jammel, who had earlier beaten Stade Nabeulien 18-15.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Tunisia’s soccer league 1 – Championship phase – day 8: Esperance de Tunis – Club Africain 2-1 [Upd 1]

Tunis: Esperance de Tunis defeated Club Africain 2-1 in a derby game as part of Tunisia’s soccer League 1 day 8 games, played on Sunday in Rades.


Played Sunday, June 2


C. Africain 1 Kingsley Eduwo (90+10)

Espérance ST 2 Yan Sasse (3), Rodrigo Rodriguez (26)

Played Friday, May 31

Monastir :

US Monastir 1 Chiheb Jebali (90+6)

CS Sfaxien 0

Played Saturday, May 25


Etoile du Sahel 0

S.Tunisien 0

Standings Pts Pl. W D L GF GA Dif

1- Esperance ST 20 8 5 2 1 11 7 4

2- US Monastir 15 8 3 4 1 7 2 5

3- S Tunisien 11 8 1 6 1 3 3 0

4- CS Sfaxien 9 8 1 5 2 4 4 0

– ES Sahel 8 8 0 6 2 3 5 -2

6- C. Africain 7 8 1 3 4 3 10 -7

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Weather cloudy, rain expected

Tunis: The weather Sunday is sometimes cloudy with local showers expected in northern coasts in the morning then in the north and

west central areas during the afternoon.

Highs range between 23°c and 27°c in costal regions and heights and 30°c and 36°c elsewhere, hitting 38°c in the far south.

The wind is blowing north in the north and the midland and east in the south, quite strong to strong near coasts and in the south with sandstorms, light to moderate elsewhere.

The sea is choppy to very choppy in the north, very choppy in eastern coasts and the Gulf of Gabes.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Mobile phone subscriptions up 29% to 16.4 million by 2023 (INS)

Tunis: The number of mobile phone subscriptions, all operators combined (Tunisie Télécom, Ooredoo Tunisie, Orange Tunisie, Lycamobile and Cayon Cloud Communications 3C) reached 16.4 million in 2023, compared with 12.7 million in 2013, representing an increase of 29%, according to data released recently by the National Institute of Statistics (INS) in its ‘Annual Report on Infrastructure Indicators.’

The population coverage rate for third generation (3G) services rose from 89.5% in 2013 to 99.8% in 2023, ‘thanks to the achievements made in this field with a view to modernising the infrastructure,’ the INS pointed out.

This includes notably ‘the extension and upgrading of communication systems, the improvement and diversification of the quality of services, and the extension and diversification of the capacity of the mobile phone network.’

The mobile internet sector in turn saw tangible growth, with the number of subscriptions more than tripling from 3.4 million in 2013 to 11.8 million in 2023.

INS statisti
cs also show an increase in the number of subscriptions to fixed telephone networks (Tunisie Télécom, Ooredoo and Orange), up from 0.5 million in 1994 to 1.8 million in 2022.

As such, fixed-line telephone density was up from 5.3 lines per 100 inhabitants in 1994 to 15.1 lines in 2022.

The number of subscriptions is expected to reach 2 million in 2023, giving a telephone density of 16.5 lines per 100 inhabitants.

Still on an upward trend, the number of fixed internet subscriptions increased considerably, reaching 1.7 million in 2022 (i.e. 15.7 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants), compared with 0.6 million subscriptions in 2013 (5.5 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants).

As for postal services, the INS report revealed an improvement in postal coverage across the country’s various regions, reaching an average of 8,900 inhabitants per point of contact in 2022, compared with 7,100 inhabitants per point of contact in 2004.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

CEPEX holds B2B event in Rome on July 10-11, local products under spotlight

Tunis: A B2B event dedicated to Tunisian local products is due to take place on July 10-11 in Rome, Italy.

The event is organised by the Exports Promotion Centre (French: CEPEX) through its Milan office, in partnership with Tunisia’s embassy in Rome and the Project for Market Access of Typical Agrofood Products (PAMPAT Tunisia).

A business forum is on the agenda along with B2B meetings, tasting sessions and on-site visits.

Target fields are by-products of dates (powder, syrup, date vinegar, stuffed dates, etc) and pomegranates (pomegranate vinegar, juice, bark powder , etc.), fruits and dried tomatoes, fresh and semi-processed artichokes and traditional harissa.

This is a unique opportunity for Tunisian enterprises to forge partnerships in Italy, CEPEX said.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Lower House Speaker Represents HM the King at Official Inauguration Ceremony of El Salvador’s President

San Salvador – The House of Representatives Speaker, Rachid Talbi Alami, represented His Majesty King Mohammed VI at the official inauguration ceremony of the President of the Republic of El Salvador, Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez, which took place Saturday in the capital San Salvador.

Bukele Ortez was re-elected last February for a second term following his victory in the first round of the presidential election with 84.65% of the votes.

The official inauguration ceremony took place in the presence of heads of state and government, and representatives of legislative institutions, the diplomatic corps accredited to El Salvador and other personalities.

During this ceremony, Talbi El Alami conveyed to President Bukele Ortez the greetings and congratulations of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, as well as His sincere wishes for success and further progress and prosperity for the Republic of El Salvador.

The House of Representatives Speaker was accompanied on this occasion by the Chargé d’affaires at the Moroccan em
bassy in El Salvador, Brahim Badi.

In a message to Mr. Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez following his reelection, HM the King expressed to El Salvador’s President His warm congratulations and His most sincere wishes of success in leading his friendly country towards further progress and prosperity.

On this occasion, the Sovereign expressed His satisfaction with the strong relations uniting the two countries, based on friendship and mutual esteem, welcoming the continued momentum of bilateral cooperation in various areas of common interest.

In this regard, HM the King reiterated His determination to continue to work together with Bukele Ortez to further promote relations between Morocco and El Salvador to meet the aspirations of the two friendly peoples.

Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse

Morocco’s FM Holds Talks with Korean Counterpart in Seoul

Seoul – Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, Nasser Bourita, held talks, on Sunday in Seoul, with his counterpart from the Republic of Korea, Cho Tae Yul.

The meeting is part of the positive bilateral dynamic underway in recent years and which has been built on more than 60 years of diplomatic relations.

During the meeting, the two ministers agreed to optimize existing bilateral consultation mechanisms, by holding the 8th session of the Joint Commission and the 6th session of the Political Consultations.

They also agreed to intensify visits on both sides, with the aim of breathing new life into the cooperative relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Korea.

The meeting also provided an opportunity for the two ministers to discuss ways and means of boosting investment and economic and trade exchanges, taking into account the assets represented by the Kingdom as a gateway to Africa, and through the potential of the free trade agreements concluded by

The two ministers also reviewed the legal framework governing cooperation between the two countries, and decided to strengthen it in the light of the new dynamic desired by both sides.

To this end, they signed three agreements. The first is a social security agreement, the aim of which is to initiate close cooperation between Morocco and Korea by approximating their legislation in this field, with a view to resolving the specific difficulties encountered by their respective nationals and enabling them to benefit from comprehensive protection, based in particular on equal treatment, reciprocity and the maintenance of rights acquired or in the process of being acquired, as well as the transfer of rights.

The second is a framework agreement for cooperation in the field of climate change. It aims to strengthen both countries’ capacity to reduce/eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, address the impacts of climate change and facilitate the transition of both parties to low-carbon economies.

The third agr
eement concerns loans from the Korea Fund for Economic Development Cooperation. Its aim is to promote cooperation between Morocco and Korea, through granting loans in order to implement projects defined by mutual agreement between the two parties.

Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse

Morocco-Korea: Joint Communiqué on Launching Exploratory Discussions to Establish Legal Framework on Trade, Investment

Seoul – Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, Nasser Bourita, and Minister of Trade of the Republic of Korea, Inkyo Cheong, signed, on Sunday in Seoul, Joint Communiqué on launching exploratory discussions for the establishment of a legal framework on trade and investment between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Korea, with a view to an Enhanced Partnership Agreement (EPA).

This announcement paves the way for discussions on promoting investment and strengthening economic exchanges, and sends a strong signal to economic operators in both countries.

The Economic Partnership Agreement, which will strengthen the existing partnership framework between the two countries, will play a significant role in promoting trade and investment, and will also provide a foundation for boosting their respective economic development.

The two ministers agreed to pursue high-level economic cooperation, and to launch and finalize exploratory talks as soon as possible, so that negotia
tions can begin.

Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse