Parliament approves draft budget of Provisional Supreme Judicial Council

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The Assembly of People’s Representatives (French: ARP) Tuesday adopted the draft budget of the Provisional Supreme Judicial Council for 2024 with 125 votes in favour, one against and three abstentions.

Commitment and payment appropriations amount to TND 2. 207 million each.

In response to questions by MPs, First Vice-President of the council and First President of the Administrative Court Mehdi Grissia said the council is working in full independence and neutrality within its prerogatives, as set out in decree no. 11/2022.

The council’s mission is limited to the professional and legal process with regard to judges, disciplinary matters and the lifting of immunity.

It is also tasked with tabling reform proposals to ensure the smooth fonctioning and independence of the judiciary and gives its opinion on legislation on the organisation of justice.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

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