Ombudsman of Kingdom, Quebec’s Counterpart Commit to Stronger Cooperation

The talks took place on the sidelines of the 6th International Congress of the Association of Mediators and Ombudsmen of the Francophonie (AMOF), held under the theme “Digital transformation and access to rights, a common challenge in the Francophone space: What role for mediators and ombudsmen?”.

On this occasion, the two parties highlighted the prospects for institutional cooperation, based on the bilateral cooperation agreement initialed in 2010.

The two parties agreed to develop a bilateral action plan covering all aspects of the convention, including the exchange of complaints and grievances submitted by individuals or legal entities against the public administrations.

Initiated by the Institution of the Ombudsman, the 6th International Congress of the AMOF (May 17-18) was attended by 60 mediators and ombudsmen members of the association, representatives of international organizations, as well as Moroccan and international experts.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse

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