Léraba/Promotion of civics: PAVAL welcomes the raising of the national flag in Douna

The High Commissioner of the province of Léraba, Mahamadi Congo, chaired on Thursday June 6, 2024, the ceremony of ‘act 17’ of the solemn raising of the national flag associated with the follow-up visit of the achievements of the Léraba plain development and development project (PAVAL), in Niofila, Dounia department.

In order to promote and consolidate the spirit of citizenship and patriotism through the observation of citizen attitudes towards the symbols of the State, particularly the national colors, the first authorities of Léraba, second province of the Cascades region initiated the solemn and rotating raising of the flag in the public structures and services of the province.

Launched on June 9, 2022 within the confines of the Léraba high commission, the Léraba plain development and development project (PAVAL), is the 17th service which has just honored this tradition this Thursday June 6, 2024 in Niofila, Dounia department.

The High Commissioner of the province of Léraba, Mahamadi Congo, with the acc
ompaniment of the constituted bodies, carried out a visit to the achievements of the project on the ground.

170 ha have been fully developed and the remaining 600 ha have a completion rate of more than 21%.

Mahamadi Congo affirmed to be satisfied with the achievements likely to answer the question of the much desired agricultural offensive.

As for PAVAL project manager, Solima Kaboré, ‘Currently, the activity is in the process of installing operators for the upcoming winter season.’

After receiving the torch, the provincial director in charge of Professional Training in Léraba, Adama Konfé, appreciated the initiative of rotating the flag in state services.

‘Thanks to this ceremony, almost all provincial services in Léraba are highlighted with the presence of the national flag flying in their enclosure,’ he added.

Adama Konfé has promised to equip his service with a flagpole with everything needed to succeed next Thursday, July 4, in this ceremony of raising the national colors.

Source: Burkina Informa
tion Agency