Ganzourgou/Community dialogue at the CSPS of Sapaga: A collective commitment to improve access to care

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Zorgho: The Health and Social Promotion Center (CSPS) of Sapaga, in the commune of Zorgho, was the scene of a community dialogue on February 26, 2024. This initiative, the result of a fruitful collaboration between the CSPS and the Zorgho Health Monitoring Committee, brought together an assembly made up of key players in the health field.

The objective of this meeting was to discuss the implementation of the air health monitoring project of the CSPS of Sapaga, highlighting the successes encountered as well as the challenges to be met. Among the participants were health workers from the CSPS, members of the management team of the Zorgho health district, representatives of the Health Monitoring Committee (CVS) of neighboring communes as well as the representative of the Integrated Development Association of young people of Burkina Faso (ADIJBF), implementing partner, Daouda Baro.

The head nurse (ICP) of the Sapaga CSPS, Tégabamba Sawadogo, opened the debates by presenting an exhaustive picture of the local he
alth situation. Its data revealed a complex panorama, where successes coexist with challenges. Indeed, over the year 2023, the CSPS provided care for 14,021 women, but also had to face difficulties such as overconsumption of health services, high workload and low coverage of health services. state healthcare costs.

This dialogue was an opportunity for the project manager at SPONG, Eugène Bakouan, to highlight the importance of such initiatives as part of the community monitoring project for women and children’s access to health services. He highlighted the unfailing mobilization of stakeholders, while mentioning the persistent challenges, particularly in terms of availability of medicines and reduction of waiting times.

The interventions were numerous and varied, reflecting everyone’s commitment to improving health conditions at the local level. The members of the health monitoring committees have particularly distinguished themselves by their dedication and their desire to actively contribute to this colle
ctive dynamic.

In closing, Sibiri Ouédraogo, representative of the management team of the Zorgho health district, expressed his gratitude to all the participants and expressed the hope that such meetings would be held regularly to maintain this participatory dynamic.

In short, this community dialogue at the Sapaga CSPS reflected collective mobilization in favor of improving access to health care. He stressed the crucial importance of involving all stakeholders, from health workers to community members, in the search for sustainable solutions to address the challenges that persist in this vital area for the well-being of all.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

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