Dam Filling Rate Exceeds 30%

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Rabat – The filling rate of Morocco’s dams reached 30.7% on April 1, with a reservoir volume of over 4.942 billion cubic meters (m3), according to the Ministry of Equipment and Water’s bulletin on the daily situation of the Kingdom’s dams.

Six dams are at 100% capacity, according to the bulletin. These are the Nakhla, Chefchaouen, Acharif Al Idrissi, Oued Za, Bouhouda and Sidi Driss dams.

The filling rate of five other dams exceeded 90%: Dkhila (90.8%), Aït Messaoud (95.7%), Allal Fassi (94.9%), Garde de Sebou (91.9%) and Ibn Batoutta (90.5%).

Some dams recorded fill rates in excess of 50%, namely Oued El Makhazine (88.2%), Tanger-Med (82.5%), Smir (87.5%), Moulay El Hassan Ben Al Mahdi (67%), Mechraa Hammadi (58.5%) and Al Wahda (53.2%).

These are the Sidi Chahed (50%), Bab Louta (52.7%), Michlifen (57.3%), Timinoutine (68.9%) and Sidi Mohamed Ben Slimane El Jazouli (72.4%) dams, while the filling rates of the Yacoub El Mansour, Abou Abbass Sebti and Sidi Saïd Machou dams were 86.2%, 78% and 66% respecti

By basin, the fill rate reached 60.5% in Loukkos, 24.7% in Moulouya, 46.7% in Sebou, 27.7% in Bouregreg-Chaouia, 6.80% in Oum Er Rbia, 56.7% in Tensift, 14.7% in Souss-Massa, 20.7% in Draa-Oued Noun and 25.5% in Guir Ziz Rheris.

Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse

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