Burkina resolutely committed to conquering its full sovereignty, Minister

Ouagadougou: The Minister of State in charge of Labor, Bassolma Bazié, declared Monday in Geneva that Burkina Faso is resolutely committed to conquering its full sovereignty.

‘The Burkinabe people are resolutely committed and determined in a struggle by making sacrifices commensurate with the historic challenge which is the conquest of their full and complete sovereignty’, indicated Minister Bassolma Bazié this Monday, June 10, 2024 in Geneva Switzerland.

The minister, who spoke on the occasion of the 112th session of the International Labor Conference, indicated that since 2015, a predatory war called terrorism has been imposed on Burkina to better plunder its wealth.

For him, faced with the silence of the international community and the complicity of certain States, the country is committed, by its own means, to waging the war against terrorism, which is at stake in its existence.

‘The true survival (…) of a country does not result from tonnages of ratified conventions or even less from an artificial pr
esence in a multitude of organizations, (but the capacity to defend its sovereignty, editor’s note)’, he said. -he concluded.

Burkina Faso sovereignly joined the International Labor Organization on November 21, 1960.

To date, the country has ratified 44 labor conventions for social justice.

Source: Burkina Information Agency