Burkina: ‘Accomplices of terrorists will be treated as such,’ warns the governor of the Center-East

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The governor of the Center-East region, Colonel Aboudou Karim Lamizana, on Thursday urged his constituents not to provide any support to armed terrorist groups, under penalty of being treated like them.

‘Populations who become complicit with terrorists by providing them with food or fuel will be treated as terrorists. And we have received instructions to this effect,’ declared Thursday in Tenkodogo, the governor of the Center-East region, Colonel Aboudou Karim Lamizana.

According to him, the situation is difficult in the Center-East, particularly in Koulpélogo, where “white-skinned” terrorists, coming from elsewhere, also attack the populations.

‘This is why I invite everyone to help dry up the terrorists’ sources of supply by depriving them of fuel and food,’ urged the authority.

In the coming days, he announced an order banning the sale of fuel in cans.

Colonel Aboudou Karim Lamizana spoke on the occasion of the first ordinary session of the regional dialogue framework (CRD), held on February 29, 2024,
in Tenkodogo.

‘I invite the PDS to take into account the question of VDP equipment in their development plan by providing them with motorcycles or fuel to facilitate their mobility so that they can seek out the enemy where he is, because without security, we cannot talk about development,’ recommended Colonel Lamizana.

This first session of the CRD 2024 consisted of validating the evaluation reports of the 2023 annual regional performance and the action plan for the stabilization and development 2024-2026 of the Center-East region.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

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