13 tourists evacuated when bus stuck between Wadi al-Khashab and Wadi al-Araj in Qasr Ghilan area

Kebili: The Rescue units of the Local Administration for Civil Protection, in coordination with the National Army and the National Guard, Friday evening, evacuated 13 tourists of various nationalities riding a tourist bus which was stuck between Wadi al-Khashab and Wadi al-Araj in the Qasr Ghilan area in the North Delegation of Douz. The incident occurred due to the rise in the water levels of these two valleys as a result of significant rainfalls, Local Director of Civil Protection, Seifeddine Dakhlaoui told TAP local correspondent.

«All tourists are safe,» the same source said, adding that some of them were taken to the Qasr Ghilan area while others were transported to the city of Douz in coordination with their travel agencies.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse