Sissili: The bloom project trains 30 women in the craft profession

Ouagadougou: The secretary general of the province of Sissili, Baowinsida Bingo chaired on Friday July 5, 2024 in Léo, the official ceremony of the networking activities of the 2024 edition. During this meeting, 30 women from the town of Léo were trained in the craft profession.

According to the director of the bloom project, Karine Wavé, this activity marks the end of the training of 30 women from the town of Léo in the craft profession.

‘This training is part of the implementation of the activities of the bloom project which is a 24-month program and aims to train 60 vulnerable women and displaced women from Bobo and Léo,’ explained Ms. Wavé.

For ten months, around thirty women were trained in crafts and entrepreneurship, including 15 in hairdressing, 9 in sewing and 6 in carpentry.

The end of this training was crowned by the implementation of phase 3, notably the support of the 30 beneficiaries either towards professional integration or towards the creation of an income-generating activity.

The object
ive through networking is to facilitate development and explore new opportunities for the benefit of the 30 beneficiaries in the city of Léo.

During the activity, the head of the bloom project, Karine Wavé, gave the participants a brief presentation of the bloom project and Empow’her as a whole.

She then congratulated the entire Léo bloom project team for their dynamism in the successful implementation of project activities for the benefit of women.

The beneficiaries also demonstrated their know-how to the audience and explained their artisanal creation. The opportunity was also for each trade group to exhibit their creation.

Be to be sessions allowed the partners present to engage in supporting beneficiaries in entrepreneurship and professional integration.

The secretary general of the province of Sissili, Baowinsida Bingo, on behalf of the beneficiaries, expressed his gratitude to Empow’her for the choice made on the province for the implementation of the bloom project.

‘Women’s empowerment is fundame
ntal to reducing poverty, it is also a prerequisite for sustainable development,’ he said.

Mr. Bingo reassured the NGO Empower’her of the availability of the administration to support them for the success of the project.

A delivery of installation kits to the beneficiaries and a visit to the exhibition stands brought the networking activity to an end.

Source: Burkina Information Agency