Sea Training: Two Commando Trainees of Royal Navy Reported Missing (Military Source)

Rabat – Two commando trainees from the Royal Navy are missing after being swept away by very strong currents during sea training on January 20 off the coast of Ksar Sghir, says a military source on Friday.

Commando trainees from the Royal Navy were swept away by very strong sea currents during this training, and some of them were able to regain the Moroccan coast with the assistance of the coastguards and zodiacs of the Royal Navy, the source points out, adding that four interns have been reported missing.

Two of the latter managed to swim back to the Spanish coast, showing undeniable bravery and a high degree of professionalism, the same source said, noting that these two soldiers were repatriated by air by the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) and they are in a good state of health.

The other two soldiers are still missing, notes the military source, adding that several air and sea means of the FAR and the Royal Gendarmerie, specialized in search and rescue operations, are deployed to search for them, as part of the national Search and Rescue system.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse