Republic of Korea Warship ROKS Dae Jo Young and European Union Naval Force Warships Strengthen Counter-Piracy Cooperation off Coast of Somalia

The Republic of Korea warship, ROKS Dae Jo Young, has recently been deployed with EU NAVFOR Operation Atalanta off the coast of Somalia.The invaluable cooperation between Republic of Korea and European Union warships is helping to strengthen maritime security to keep seafarers safe as they transit the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden.

ROKS Dae Jo Young is a Sun-sin class destroyer and was launched in November 2003.Equipped with the latest military and surveillance technology, she is perfectly suited to counter-piracy operations.

During the last week ROKS Dae Jo Young and EU NAVFOR warships cooperated at sea to integrate communications systems and carry out combined operations at sea. This is the third time that Republic of Korea and the European Union Naval Force ships have worked together this year.

Source: EUNAVFOR Atalanta.