Posting Covid19-Related False Content: One Person Arrested in Fez, Investigation Opened in Agadir

Rabat – The judicial police services of Fez arrested on Wednesday in Fez a 41-year-old person on grounds of suspected involvement in recording a video clip containing false allegations regarding an alleged new coronavirus case and its posting on social networks.

The national police services reacted rapidly and earnestly to the video clip showing a person laying on the ground on a Fez street with a deceitful statement, alleging it was a new confirmed coronavirus case, said the National Police (DGSN) in a statement, underlining that its services opened a thorough investigation in coordination with the health services concerned.

The investigation revealed that the person filmed suffered from an epilepsy seizure and was taken to hospital for treatment before leaving in normal conditions, the source added.

The investigations and expertise carried out by the police services helped identify the author of the false content, said the DGSN, adding that the suspect was arrested and remanded in custody pending the investigation opened by the competent public prosecutor with a view to determining the circumstances of the false allegations destined to shake public trust in official statistics on the epidemiological situation in Morocco.

A judicial investigation was opened by the judicial police services in Agadir to identify another individual who shared a similar video clip of a person suffering from an epilepsy seizure, with a fallacious comment alleging that this person was affected by Covid-19, the source added.

Investigations are carried out to identify the person behind the false content with a view to complete the judicial enquiry conducted under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor, said the DGSN.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse