Polisario Separatists Are Pawns in Algerian Political Game – Indonesian Outlet

Jakarta – “Polisario” separatists are being used as pawns in the Algerian political game, Indonesian news outlet “Kompasiana” wrote on Tuesday.

“The +polisario+ has lost the support of many African and Latin American countries (…). Most of its activities are controlled by Algeria,” according to journalist Veeramalla Anjaiah.

All the rights of the Sahrawis in captivity in the “Tindouf camps” have been violated by the “polisario,” he underlined.

“No one is allowed to leave the Tindouf camps. Sahrawis wishing to join the Moroccan territory have been repressed by the +polisario+ with an iron fist,” Anjaiah deplored.

In case of war, the suffering of more than 50,000 Sahrawis sequestered will have to increase, he said, saying that the militias of “polisario” are not measuring up to Morocco.

The separatists “must accept that they will never win against a stronger Morocco,” Anjaiah said, highlighting the economic boom experienced by Morocco’s Southern Provinces as well as the peace, the stable environment, and the decent life enjoyed by the population.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse