Over 5000 vehicles suspended on SA roads

Since the start of the festive season, 1 December, traffic law enforcement officers suspended 5 349 vehicles, while another 2133 were impounded.

Over the Christmas long weekend alone, 23- 27 December, they suspended 871 motor vehicles and impounded 154, the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) said on Thursday.

RTMC said the vehicles were discontinued or suspended for being unroadworthy and they may not be operated on public roads until all the identified defects have been fixed.

The act of discontinuing a motor vehicle involves the removal and destruction of its licence disc or roadworthy certificate disc and issuing a notice directing that the motor vehicle shall not be operated on a public road.

The notice stipulates conditions on which such a vehicle may be operated on a public road, RTMC spokesperson Simon Zwane said.

For the vehicle to use the public road again, it must be taken to a testing station to be examined and passed as roadworthy before it can be operated.

Impounded vehicles are to be kept at state-owned facilities until all conditions giving rise to the impoundment have been met.

Zwane advised motorists to avoid inconvenience by ensuring that their vehicles are in a roadworthy state before embarking on their journeys at the end of the holidays.

Tyres, wipers, brakes and steering column must be in a proper and functioning state. Windscreens must be free of major cracks and the car should not emit excessive smoke, said Zwane.

Motorists are further advised to avoid excessive overloading of goods as this may lead to the impoundment of motor vehicles.

Source: South African Government News Agency