Ouagadougou: three individuals arrested for illegal export of corn flour

Ouagadougou: The national gendarmerie arrested three people in Yagma, members of a network, who illegally exported bags of corn flour, hidden in the compartments of a tanker truck, AIB learned Tuesday.

On the basis of denunciation, during April 2024, the Yagma City Gendarmerie Brigade opened an investigation into suspicions of illegal exports of bags of flour to neighboring countries of Burkina, the AIB learned this Tuesday from the Directorate of communication and public relations (DCRP) of the national gendarmerie.

According to Pandora’s sources, the suspects who operated in Yagma, sector no. 37 in district no. 09 of Ouagadougou, packaged corn flour between 2 and 3 a.m. in 25 kg bags to export them to tank truck compartments.

During an operation carried out on May 21, 2024 by the Yagma gendarmerie, the manager of the flour production unit, the driver of the tank truck and the apprentice driver of the tank truck were arrested, after the DCRP Gendarmerie.

Remember that since February 2022, the export of c
orn, millet and sorghum flour has been suspended.

The three suspects are accused of illegal exercise of industrial activity, deception of consumers and endangering the lives of others.

The gendarmerie indicated that investigations are underway to dismantle other networks in order to eradicate this illicit practice.

In Yagma, the gendarmes seized a tanker truck containing 974 bags of flour of 13 kilograms, 42 bags of 23 kilograms for a total of 1016 bags and 50 bags of corn of 100 kg transformed into flour still spread in the yard.

50 bags of 100 kilograms of corn soaked in 22 barrels of 200 liters, 50 bags of one hundred kilograms of corn already shelled and placed on the ground and 150 bags of corn of 100 kilograms, stored under a shed were also seized.

In addition, four mills, three hullers and two tricycles are used to deliver flour to the city of Ouagadougou.

The public is invited to denounce such practices through the following toll-free numbers:

1010: National monitoring and alert center

16 or 8
0 00 11 45: National Gendarmerie

17: National Police.

Source: Burkina Information Agency