No Case of Coronavirus Has Been Reported So Far in Morocco (Ministry)

Rabat – No case of coronavirus has been reported so far in Morocco the ministry of Health said Thursday through the director of epidemiology and disease control Mohamed Youbi.

The results of laboratory tests carried out on 19 suspected cases were negative Youbi said at a press briefing in Rabat to provide an update on the epidemiological situation in the Kingdom.

All those suspected of being infected with the virus have left the hospital and are undergoing treatment at home Youbi said noting that the ministry has mobilized the necessary equipment for detection notification and management of possible cases and prevention if confirmed cases are detected.

Youbi reviewed the various measures taken by the ministry to deal with the situation including the prevention of the introduction of the virus into the national territory the early detection of cases the preparation of testing facilities and the launching of information and communication campaigns.

After providing a definition of the cases of infection Youbi stressed the strengthening of surveillance measures taken at the level of health care institutions and hospital facilities with epidemiological investigation in order to detect any person meeting the case definition of coronavirus.

Youbi cited in particular the deployment of isolation rooms to accommodate possible cases and the equipping of hospitals with the necessary means of protection.

Given the latest developments in the global epidemiological situation marked by the confirmation of the new virus in other countries Youbi recalled the introduction of sanitary control at international ports and airports with a view to early detection of any possible imported cases and to stop the spread of the virus if necessary.

Referring to false rumors about the virus the official said that the ministry’s website is updated daily. If a confirmed case of the coronavirus is detected the ministry will inform the public opinion he said deeming it useless to hide the truth.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse