NEW YORK, The two entities responsible for tourism promotion in Cape Town and New York City have signed a landmark partnership agreement to boost marketing and the sharing of best practices in order to boost reciprocal travel.

Signed in New York this week, the tourism “twinning” agreement between NYC & Company and Cape Town Tourism will include swaps of marketing and advertising assets while the two entities will share best practices in tourism management to increase the number of visitors between both markets in the years ahead.

Slaapstad met the City that never sleeps in a fresh collaboration that seeks to get more New Yorkers to visit Cape Town and vice versa.

“The partnership between New York & Company and Cape Town Tourism is one where we will be looking at future opportunities to collaborate, we starting by firstly sharing our media assets, in other words NYC and Company can do and run their campaigns in Cape Town on our platforms and then they will kindly do the same for us in New York,,” said Enver Duminy, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cape Town Tourism.

“But what’s beautiful about this is that I don’t have to pay dollars to do so. So by purely making sure that we have our assets available and we give them the time in order to do so, they can run their campaigns in order to stimulate their demand.”

The deal will be activated in 2018, when marketing and advertisements promoting travel to Cape Town will appear at bus stop shelters and information sharing kiosks in New York City, reaching an estimated 17.6 million people. Cape Town in return, will reciprocate with promoting the Big Apple through digital and out-of-home media for an equivalent value.

“We’ll be able to share best practices, this is a global city that has been doing tourism for many years and the best thing about it is we can learn from each other and I think that’s where we feed because is no longer just about competing, it’s about co-operating as well because I think the opportunities for us to able to connect people with culture and sharing where we are as people I think is beautiful in what we’re doing,” Duminy said.

This is the first-ever partnership for NYC & Company with any African partner. Its President and CEO, Fred Dixon, explains: “NYC and Company and the City of New York and Tourism, we have relationships all over the world fortunately thanks to our amazing team and our partners around the world but we’ve never had a partnership in Africa, so this is a momentous day for us, it’s the completion of an amazing set of partners in world class cities so we want to welcome you to that family.”