Morocco, Serbia Determined to Continue Cooperation in Defense of Their Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity (Ambassador)

Belgrade – Morocco and Serbia are determined to pursue bilateral cooperation and coordination to defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity, Morocco’s ambassador to Serbia and Montenegro, Mohamed Amine Belhaj, said.
“Both countries are determined to continue their outstanding cooperation and coordination within international organizations through mutual support and the defense of their sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the diplomat said in an interview with the Serbian paper “Politika”.
He stressed, in this regard, that relations between the two countries for several decades are based on mutual respect and have reached an exceptional level of cooperation at the international level, characterized by the convergence of views on issues of common interest, adding that the two countries are driven by the will to further strengthen the Moroccan-Serbian friendship ties and enhance economic and trade relations.
Belhaj further noted that the Kingdom, which is celebrating the 21st anniversary of the Glorious Throne Day, has implemented, under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, many economic and social projects and has embarked on a process of far-reaching reforms in all fields, based on an inclusive and participatory approach.
Regarding the Libyan crisis, Belhaj stressed the need for the Libyan parties to review and update the Skhirat political agreement, given that there is no other alternative at present because “Libya, as a neighboring and brotherly country, faces many challenges”, adding that the stability and security of the region depends on the situation in this part of the Maghreb.
Noting that the numerous foreign interventions and initiatives do not in any way help to resolve the Libyan crisis, the diplomat recalled that Morocco supports the political solution that should emanate from the Libyans themselves, in order to guarantee the unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country.

Source: Morocco, Serbia Determined to Continue Cooperation in Defense of Their Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity (Ambassador)

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