Morocco, Belgium Cooperate to Enhance Support Programs for Women and Youth

Rabat – Minister of Labor and Professional Integration, Mohamed Amekraz, and General Delegate of Wallonia–Brussels in Rabat, Motonobu Kasajima, have decided to schedule communication meetings to take stock of the achievements made part of the support programs for women and youth.

During a meeting held Thursday in Rabat, both parties stressed the importance of identifying the achievements that have been accumulated in the implementation of the support program for women’s entrepreneurship in Morocco “Min Ajliki” and the “Aji” program to support youth initiatives through holding communication meetings to be scheduled jointly by the Ministry of Labor and Professional Integration, the Wallonia Region, and the Embassy of Belgium at the national and regional levels.

The Belgian official has referred to the progress of the program to support female entrepreneurship in Morocco “Min Ajliki” which targets Moroccan women entrepreneurs in several regions of the Kingdom, and the program “Aji” to support youth initiatives to improve self-employment in some regions, according to a statement from the Ministry.

The two programs have made a series of achievements sometimes exceeding the objectives outlined, with a beneficial impact on the beneficiaries, especially in actions aimed at women, the same source said.

Welcoming the special attention given by the Belgian side, especially by the Federation of Wallonia, to the development of cooperation links with the Ministry in the area of employment, Amekraz noted that this meeting provides an opportunity to discuss programs funded by the Belgian Development Cooperation.

He also praised the achievements of the “Min Ajliki 2” program and stressed the need to preserve all the achievements to ensure the sustainability of companies created under this endeavor and the importance of considering the establishment of similar programs focused on the regions of the Kingdom through joint funding.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse