Moroccan-Israeli Friendship Association Set Up in United States

Based in Athens, Georgia (south-east), MIFA’s mission is to promote “mutual understanding of the history, culture and contemporary society of Morocco and Israel”, in the wake of the resumption of diplomatic ties between the two parties, according to a statement from its founders.

The association wants to “recall the historical facts which have distinguished Morocco as a pioneer in upholding the values of peace and tolerance and the fight against anti-Semitism”, it stressed, adding that the association also adheres to the spirit of the Moroccan Constitution of 2011 which enshrines the essential status of Judaism in the cultural plurality of the Kingdom.

This organization aims in particular to highlight the Jewish-Moroccan history and culture and to facilitate exchanges between the Kingdom and Israel to promote scientific research in the fields of medicine, renewable energy, environmental preservation, history and culture.

Rabbi Gad Bouskila, a member of the Moroccan Jewish Center Netivot Israel Congregation in Brooklyn, New York, is the honorary president of MIFA, while the effective presidency is held by Mustapha Ezzrghani.

It also counts among its members the founder of the Institute for the Preservation of the Sephardic Legacy (Sephardic Legacy Series) Allen Azoulay (vice-president), and the president of the Jewish community in Marrakech and Essaouira, Jacky Kadock (secretary).

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse