Houet/Bobo-Dioulasso International Volleyball Tournament: Postal workers and Ghanaian women dictate their laws

Started on Tuesday May 23, the competitions of the 2nd edition of the Bobo-Dioulasso International Tournament reached their apotheosis on Saturday May 27, 2023. In the women’s and men’s finals, the Ghanaians of El- Wak Wings and the men of AS Poste from Burkina Faso have confirmed their supremacy in this tournament.

The sensation of the apotheosis of the 2nd edition of this International Volleyball Tournament (TIV) of Bobo-Dioulasso was the men’s final which opposed the team of the Sports Association Postes of Burkina Faso to that of El -Wak Wings from Ghana.

Determined to retain the title of the first edition, the postmen cornered their opponents at kick-off and very quickly won the 1st set at 25 points against 17.

In the 2nd set, the Burkinabè are driven by the same ambition but they have a Ghanaian wall in front of them.

In a domination in turn, AS Postes ends up having the last word on the score of 25 against 20.

At 2-0, the Ghanaians put all their energy to reduce this gap and give themselves a chance to win this final.

Despite their will, they could not avoid the defeat resulting in 20 points against 25 for the postal workers who thus won the 2nd edition of the TIV without conceding a single set to their opponents of the day.

In addition to the victory trophy and gold medals, the Burkinabè collected one million CFA francs.

The Ghanaians settled for a trophy, bronze medals and 800,000 CFA francs.

Before this opposition from the men, it was the women who set the tone for the TIV 2023 finals.

The girls of the Sports Association of Commune 5 of Bamako faced those of El-Wak Wings of Ghana.

Unlike their brothers, the Ghanaians managed the feat while keeping their trophy.

Like the postal workers, the Ghanaians returned with the victory trophy, gold medals, and an envelope of one million CFA francs.

Commune 5 of Bamako was consoled with the dolphin trophy, bronze medals, and 800,000 CFA francs.

According to the president of the organizing committee of this 2nd edition of the TIV, Dr Fernand Nana, these finals satisfy the organizing committee despite the difficulties recorded.

“Things weren’t easy from the start, but this fine evening with matches at a very good level gives us reason to have taken up the challenge of the organization,” rejoices Dr Fernand Nana.

Source: Burkina Information Agency