Ganzourgou: AFEMIB strengthens the capacities of 50 women and young people from Boudry in entrepreneurship and financial education

Ouagadougou: The Association of Women in the Mining Sector of Burkina (AFEMIB) organized intensive training in entrepreneurship and financial education from July 3 to 5, 2024 for the benefit of 50 women and young people from the commune of Boudry.

This training, provided by the What you need (WYN) firm, was held in the meeting room of Boudry town hall. It is part of the Project to Support the Strengthening of Land and Mines Management (PARGFM).

The opening of the training took place on July 3, 2024 under the chairmanship of the President of AFEMIB, Ms. Lucie Kabré/Kaboré. She had by her side the representative of PARGFM, Ms. Roberta Savadogo/Dalla and the general director of WYN, Aboubakari Ouédraogo. In her inaugural speech, Ms. Kabré thanked PARGFM for financing the activity. She then expressed her gratitude to the participants for their commitment and encouraged them to diligently follow the training modules.

Over the course of three days, in a participatory manner, trainer Kouilga Aubin Kabré delivered
a program structured around the introduction to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, initiation to simplified business management and financial education covering topics such as budgeting, savings, credit and taxation.

The initiative for this training is the result of a diagnostic study carried out in ten localities housing artisanal mining sites covered by the project (Boudry, Mogtédo, Korsimoro, Zabré, Bagassi, Bouda, Boussé, Sabcé, Réo and Poura). According to the President of AFEMIB, Ms. Lucie Kabré/Kaboré, this study revealed a lack of essential skills among women and young people in the effective management of economic activities, hence the need to strengthen their capacities in entrepreneurship and financial management. .

The training was designed in response to these challenges with the main objective of equipping beneficiaries with key concepts of entrepreneurship and financial education in order to prepare them to seize economic opportunities and actively contribute to local development.

The pa
rticipants showed marked interest in the different themes and thanked AFEMIB and its partner, PARGFM. Having opted to carry out gardening for some and artisanal gold extraction for others, they also wanted to be supported with equipment. According to the president of AFEMIB, after this first training, another session will be organized to deepen the skills specific to these professions. According to her, negotiations are underway with PARGFM for the purchase of necessary equipment, because, for her, ‘one thing is to train, another is to support with equipment to facilitate installation’ .

This training, which is part of a series of ten similar sessions across mining sites in Burkina Faso, demonstrates the commitment of AFEMIB and PARGFM to supporting the empowerment of women and youth in rural areas. . With strengthened skills in entrepreneurship and financial management, these women and young people are now better prepared to meet economic challenges and seize local development opportunities.

Source: Burki
na Information Agency