Fight Against Covid-19: Morocco’s Multidimensional Strategy Highlighted Before HRC

Geneva – The multidimensional strategy adopted by Morocco to fight the Covid-19 pandemic and the solidarity actions undertaken by the Kingdom in favor of African countries were highlighted, Monday in Geneva, during the 45th session of the Human Rights Council (HRC).


Presenting Morocco’s statement under the “Interactive Dialogue” on the Oral Report of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on Covid-19, Morocco’s Permanent Representative in Geneva, Omar Zniber, highlighted “the multiple measures undertaken in Morocco in the fight against COVID-19, prioritizing, the health of citizens, over any other consideration, in a difficult global economic context.

“Also, and despite the challenges posed by this unprecedented situation, Morocco has, in accordance with its international commitments to promote and defend human rights, included all categories of people settled in Morocco in the same logic, granting them the rights guaranteed to nationals in terms of access to care and support,” he added.

Faithful to its unwavering commitment to true solidarity in all circumstances, Morocco has provided support to its continent of belonging by conducting an aid operation for the benefit of several sister African States and the African Union Commission, thus creating a real air bridge between the different regions of the continent, he stressed.

In another vein, Zniber drew attention to “disinformation, and the uncontrolled flow of information, which in this particular context can be extremely damaging,” emphasizing the need for journalists and the media to be more rigorous.


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse

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