ECOWAS and Justice on the front page of Burkinabè dailies

Ouagadougou: The daily newspapers of this Tuesday deal with the order of the military court on the release of lawyer Hervé Guy Kam and the decisions of the 65th ECOWAS summit in Abuja .

‘ Conference of ECOWAS Heads of State : A prospective emergency plan with the AES ‘ , writes to his U ne , the dean of private daily newspapers , The Paalga Observer .

According to L’ obs, the 65th summit of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) was held on July 7, 2024 in Abuja , Nigeria , to examine the announced withdrawal of the three countries from the Alliance of Sahel States ( AES ) .

The dean of private daily newspapers continues that the presidents of Togo , Faure Gnassingbé and of Senegal , Bassirou Diomaye Faye , have been designated as mediators in order to allow dialogue to continue with the leaders of the three countries .

The newspaper Le Pays , for its part , underlines that the conference instructed the commission to develop a ‘ prospective emergency ‘ plan , to deal with all eventualities
in relations with the AES countries.

In the same vein , the state daily Sidwaya reports the comments of Malians living in Burkina Faso on the creation of the confederation of the Alliance of the States of the S ahel .

For the public newspaper, the secretary general of the Malian community in Bobo Dioulasso , Lassina Togola, believes that the AES should not make the same mistakes as ECOWAS .

The newspaper L e Pays , in another register , returns to the Maitre Guy Hervé Kam affair. ‘The control chamber orders the release of the lawyer’ , headlines the daily newspaper of 1200 housing units.

The colleague maintains that at the end of a hearing held behind closed doors yesterday in Ouagadougou , the control chamber of the military court declared the lawyers’ appeal “admissible and well-founded . ”

According to Le Pays , the chamber overturns the provisional detention order of Me Guy Hervé Kam and orders his release , if he is not detained for other reasons .

According to the newspaper , military justice deci
ded to place the detainee under judicial supervision .

And the observer Paalga notes that this is a release organized and arranged according to the conditions which remain to be defined by the investigating judge.

The dean of private dailies does not forget that the prosecution has the possibility of appealing to the Court of Cassation and of appealing against this release order.

Source: Burkina Information Agency