Covid-19: Situation Under Control, Rise in Cases Due to Increased Early Testing – Health Ministry

Rabat – The Covid-19 situation in Morocco is under control and stable and the recent rise in the number of cases is due to the expansion of early and active screening carried out to curb the spread of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health said Saturday.


The expansion of screening is part of the support and preparation for the easing of health lockdown measures, the ministry underlined in a release, noting that the Covid-19 situation in the Kingdom remains under control and stable, given the reduced number of critical cases and the very low fatality rate.

According to the ministry, 98% of patients are asymptomatic, but remain virus carriers, which requires a particular care for fragile people and a strict compliance with the precautionary measures recommended by the health authorities.

The department recalls in this regard the need to observe these measures, including wearing masks, observing hygiene rules and social distancing, avoiding gatherings and downloading “wiqaytna” tracing application in order to stop the spread of the virus.


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse

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