Bogandé: A day to strengthen the bonds of fraternity between communities

Ouagadougou: Communities living in the town of Bogandé, capital of the province of Gnagna, held a day called ‘Fraternity Day’ on Tuesday July 9, 2024, in order to promote social cohesion between host populations and internally displaced persons.

This day was a forum for promoting common values ??of solidarity, inclusion and mutual respect.

It is part of the implementation of activities to promote peace and social cohesion of the Valorization of Agro-Pastoral Potential in Eastern Burkina Faso (VALPAPE) project.

This project is the result of a partnership between the NGO TIN TUA and Caritas Switzerland, in synergy of action with the PROFIL2 project.

The activity mobilized around administrative, customary and religious authorities, the host populations, as well as internally displaced people from the Fulani, Mossi and Gulmantché communities.

On this occasion, community representatives all delivered messages of peace, solidarity, fraternity and social cohesion in the local Moore, Fulfulde and Gulmantché lang

All advocated peace, tolerance and living together between the host populations and the IDPs.

The Gnagna Comédie group was called upon to raise awareness among the different parties through sketches.

Topics on the stigmatization of certain ethnic groups and conflicts between host populations and IDPs were discussed.

The actors and actors convinced the participants of the importance for each citizen to cultivate solidarity, fraternity and tolerance around them.

On a cultural level, the communities presented and explained their ancestral know-how in clothing and culinary arts.

The populations were led to contemplate the different clothing styles specific to each ethnic group. Local dishes were also on display.

In addition to the Fulani, Mossi and Gulmantché communities, those of the Yaana and Zoassé also showcased their culinary know-how.

According to Talara Lankoandé, supervisor of the ATT/VALPAPE phase 3 project in Bogandé, the objectives have been largely achieved.

He welcomed the participati
on of the different actors and especially the commitment of the different parties to observe responsible behavior for a harmonious and peaceful living together.

The 2nd vice-president of the Special Communal Delegation of Bogandé, Oumarou Tindano, expressed his satisfaction with the strong mobilization of the communities. For him, the messages conveyed are of great importance. ‘I invite you to always cultivate peace and social cohesion around you,’ he concluded.

Just like the special communal delegation of Bogandé, the provincial director of humanitarian action, national reconciliation, gender and family of Gnagna, Marcel Yameogo, encouraged the communities to cultivate more solidarity and fraternity in order to build a more inclusive and resilient society.

He called on them all to promote mutual support and help overcome challenges together.

It was in a friendly atmosphere that the Brotherhood Day was held in Bogandé.

Source: Burkina Information Agency