AMSSNur Calls for Improving Capacity of IAEA Arabic Speaking Members

Holding events in Arabic is a great advantage for Arabic-speaking countries, not only because the documents presented are easier to understand but also because the topics are relevant to the region, said Mrabit, who chaired a webinar, held online by IAEA’s Incident and Emergency Center.

Quoted by an AMSSNur statement, Mrabit highlighted Morocco’s experience as a member state of the IAEA, notably the successful management of the International Emergency Response Exercise ConvEx-3, held by Kingdom in 2013.

The official also underlined the good practices identified and adopted by Morocco following its participation in the exercise, where a significant number of national participants have demonstrated their strong commitment to ensuring continuous improvement in the preparation and response to nuclear or radiological emergencies that may occur on national territory.

The webinar was attended by more than 400 participants. It aimed to share information and exchange experiences on emergency preparedness and response arrangements for nuclear security events.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse