Al Quds Archbishop Commends HM the King’s Efforts to Defend the Rights of the Palestinian People

Ramallah – Archbishop of Al Quds’s Greek Orthodox Church, Atallah Hanna, has commended HM King Mohammed VI’s efforts aimed at defending the rights of the Palestinian people and preserving the civilizational identity of the holy city.

“We commend HM the King’s efforts to defend the rights of the Palestinian people and his support to their just cause,” he told MAP.

HM the King has continued to defend the Palestinian people and to support our just cause at the various international fora, in particular with regard to the status of Al Quds and the preservation of its civilizational identity against Israeli attempts aimed at altering its characteristics, he added.

Regarding the U.S. peace plan, Atallah Hanna said that we can smash this agreement, but this requires unity and solidarity”.

“Our unity is our strength which will allow us to face this conspiracy against the most just cause in the recent history of humanity, he pointed out.

He welcomed, in this regard, Morocco’s unwavering position alongside Palestine at the international and regional levels.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse