WASHINGTON- A group of diplomats from African countries, stressed the importance of Sino-African relationship, and expressed eagerness to see the relationship grow stronger in the future.

Michael Moussa-Adamo, Ambassador of Gabon to the United States, told a reception at his residence, that, China’s involvement in Africa has seen the construction of much infrastructure, and has improved the people’s lives, and yielded many win-win co-operations.

The reception was held, to celebrate the successful conclusion of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) Beijing Summit. Ambassadors and dignitaries from over 30 African countries attended the reception.

Serge Mombouli, Ambassador of the Republic of Congo and an organiser of the event, said, the fact that 53 heads of states and governments or their representatives participated in the Beijing summit this year, demonstrated the confidence and commitment the African continent has, in furthering their ties with China.

China’s presence has been felt throughout the continent, according to diplomats at the reception, in the form of Chinese-financed or constructed infrastructure, Chinese enterprises, and cooperation in agriculture, security, education, health and culture. “China is perceived very well in our country,” Carlos Veiga, Ambassador of Cabo Verde told Xinhua. “China attracts many Cabo Verde students to study there, and these students are becoming civil servants. One of my staff at the embassy has studied in China,” Veiga said, adding that, cultural and education exchange has been a highlight of bilateral ties.

Frederic Hegbe, Ambassador of Togo, told Xinhua that, in addition to the numerous infrastructure China helped put in place, China also helped provide medical service to the country. “My grandfather was treated in a Chinese hospital in Togo, when he became ill,” Hegbe said.

The diplomats fought back bias from some Western countries, claiming that China has been taking advantage of its African ties, saying, this accusation is far from the truth. “Our relationship is a very fair relationship. China is a big country, we are a small country, but China always treats us as equals and with respect. We are very happy with our relationship with China, it has only brought us benefits,” he said.

Chinese Ambassador, Cui Tiankai said, China will always be a good friend, a good partner and a good brother to Africa, and that he looks forward to the Sino-African ties to grow, with the newly-generated momentum, from the FOCAC.